(Recorded on April 24, 2014)

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Learn more about how Tgen, Terascala and Dell are using cutting-edge HPC technology in the fight against pediatric cancer with genomic sequencing. Focus will be on how high-performance computing systems have drastically decreased the time to insight and results for Tgen, while accelerating the research to find cures for rare diseases. Hear directly from Tgen, Dell and Terascala on how HPC can enable researchers and doctors to focus more on finding new treatments for patients, and how this technology can transform genomic sequencing research as a whole.

Learning Objectives:

• Genomic research challenges
• The ideal high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure for genomic applications
• HPC system details
• Benchmark results (before and after HPC) and ROI
• The important role of high performance workflow in genomic research


James Lowey, VP Technology, TGen

Peter Piela, VP Development, Terascala

Walker Stemple, HPC Product Manager, Dell