January 2012 New Products

Stability Trial Software Two Fold Software is adding a user-friendly Stability Trials software module to Version 1.1 of the company’s innovative Qualoupe LIMS software. The new Stability Trials software has been specially tailored for organizations that need to run stability trials over any given period of time and different storage conditions.  Using the software the user can create protocols for parameters such as sampling regimes, detailing storage conditions, sampling frequency and time units.  When running a trial the user can select the protocol which would then create the scheduled samples for the trial. The material on trial would associate the methods to be performed on the samples.  Trials can be associated with studies and projects.  The Stability Trials software also enables the LIMS to provide prompts for sample pull schedules and the storage location. 

Product: Stability Trials module for Qualoupe LIMS
Company: Two Fold Software
For more information: www.twofold-software.com 

Gene Design in Open LanguageDNA2.0 has announced the integration of the Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL) into the company’s groundbreaking gene design and assembly tool, Gene Designer. SBOL is a synthetic biology standard exchange format that allows scientists to share, store, explore and publish genetic elements created through computer design. SBOL is the first standardized information exchange framework created specifically for bioengineering. This newly-released language forms the basis for Gene Designer’s integration of genetic parts from BIOFAB and enables a new feature in the application called Diagram. Diagram provides a clean visualization interface of designed sequences and eases scientific collaboration by enabling graphic exports of sequences. 

Product: Diagram visualization interface for Gene Designer
Company: DNA2.0
For more information: www.DNA20.com 

Expanding Genomics Suite Partek has released two new products: Partek Flow and Partek Pathway. Bookending the Partek Genomics Suite, Partek Flow provides upstream alignment, QA/QC and quantification of next generation sequencing (NGS) data, and can be installed on a desktop, cluster, or cloud environment. Partek Pathway provides contextualization of the gene relationships identified within Partek Genomics Suite, allowing users to study gene-gene and gene-protein relationships with the ability to identify and display significantly affected pathways, search for specific pathways and genes, and color code them based on their p-values and fold changes. Together, the tools offer a comprehensive start-to-finish solution for NGS data analysis providing alignment, QA/QC, exploratory analysis, statistical analysis, interactive visualization, genomic integration, and biological interpretation. They support raw data from all major commercial NGS and microarray technologies and the five core assays: RNA, DNA, microRNA, ChIP, and Methylation.  

Products: Flow and Pathway
Company: Partek
For more information: www.partek.com 

Kinase ServicesCaliper Life Sciences has launched In-Cell KinaseScreen, a new services offering based on a panel of cellular assays that measure the effects of drug candidates on the functional activity of kinases involved in critical cell-signaling pathways. The technology platform and initial panel of nine assays were developed in collaboration with Pfizer. The service is immediately available for compound screening, profiling, and custom assay development services for Caliper Discovery Alliances and Services’ (CDAS) clients, ranging from academia to pharmaceutical companies. 

Product: In-Cell KinaseScreen
Company: Caliper Life Sciences
For more information: www.caliperLS.com/CDAS 

Next Gen Analysis ServerBiomatters has released version 1.5 of Geneious Server, an NGS analysis product that connects biologists to powerful Linux-only software algorithms and high-performance hardware resources such as clusters. Geneious Server 1.5 includes the ability to connect to clusters using MOAB/Torque in addition to Oracle’s SGE and Platform Computing’s LSF, adds support for Queue Licenses and features TopHat for mapping millions of RNA-Seq reads against a reference genome in minutes.  

Product: Geneious Server v.1.5
Company: Biomatters
For more information: www.geneious.com  

This article also appeared in the January 2012 issue of Bio-IT World magazine.