Appistry Launches Cloud Dx Platform, PGDx Signs On

June 1, 2014

By Bio-IT World Staff 
June 1, 2014 | On Friday, Appistry announced its new CloudDx genomics testing service and an agreement with Personal Genome Diagnostics (PGDx) to include in the service PGDx’s CancerSelect panel.

CloudDx is a cloud-based service for ordering genomics tests, through which Appistry plans to collect established laboratory-developed tests (LDTs) in a single, easy-to-access environment and streamline the processes associated with delivering clinically relevant results to physicians. 

The service provides a single web dashboard for ordering and tracking the progress of tests and orchestrates the data flow between test providers such as PGDx and requesting physicians and hospitals, thereby ensuring that data and physical samples are transferred and securely managed in accordance with HIPAA and CLIA guidelines. 

PGDx is a provider of CLIA-compliant genomics services to oncology researchers, drug developers, clinicians, and patients, and is among the first organizations to offer lab-developed tests through Appistry’s cloud-based service. 

PGDx’s CancerSelect panel targets 120 genes of clinical and biological importance to cancer, providing information that can help physicians individualize treatment to a patient’s cancer. The CancerSelect panel is sequenced in PGDx’s CLIA-certified laboratory, and the analysis is conducted using PGDx’s proprietary algorithms that provide extremely high coverage, copy number analyses for 63 genes, and translocation analysis for 17 genes. 

Appistry will collaborate with PGDx to deliver a report to participating physicians containing a pathological evaluation of the tumor sample; tumor-specific mutations (alterations and substitutions, amplifications, and translocations); a description of mutated genes and pathways along with biologic and clinical implications; full statistics; and therapeutic, predictive, and prognostic information and references, as well as referral information for ongoing clinical trials that might be relevant based on the analysis results.

“Making CancerSelect available through Appistry CloudDx will extend our reach, enabling our panel to be utilized more broadly by community physicians looking to provide the best diagnostic and treatment options to their patients,” said Antony Newton, chief commercial officer at PGDx, in a press release. 

Appistry CloudDx will include established LDTs from leading diagnostic test providers covering a range of diseases. Currently, the system includes panels and tests for cardiomyopathy, hearing loss, lung disease, and whole genome sequencing developed by Partners HealthCare Personalized Medicine. Additional tests and test partners will be announced in the coming weeks.