Mission Bio Launches Automated On-Demand Cloud Tool For Targeted Single-Cell DNA Custom Panels

March 7, 2019

By Bio-IT World Staff

March 7, 2019 | Mission Bio today announced the launch of Tapestri Designer, the first-ever automated, cloud-based tool for designing targeted single-cell DNA custom panels. The easy to use, self-service interface reduces design time for custom panels from weeks to just minutes, extending the Tapestri Platform into the only customizable single-cell DNA targeted solution for high impact applications.

The launch of the product is the first in a larger effort by Mission Bio to incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms into the Tapestri Platform. With dynamic improvements to panel design and performance through Tapestri Designer, Mission Bio continues to advance the understanding of disease to guide research and patient care.

“You can think of Tapestri Designer as the 3D printer for single-cell DNA panels,” Charlie Silver, co-founder and CEO of Mission Bio, said in a press release. “What once took weeks or months and a bioinformatician is now a self-service cloud platform that can be used to by research teams to create panels tailored to specific experiments and needs, all on-demand. This automated capability cuts out the middleman, streamlining the process and empowering researchers to improve their understanding of cancer, inform treatment options, and, ultimately, save patient lives.”

When studying genomic heterogeneity at the single-cell level, customization offers flexibility to target the relevant regions of interest, maximize data quality for those regions and then tailor sequencing budgets and analysis time. With Tapestri Single-Cell DNA Targeted Custom Panels, researchers and clinicians have unparalleled flexibility to focus on 10s to 100s of impactful genetic mutations over 1,000s of cells without sacrificing data quality. Furthermore, targeted custom panels dramatically reduce the high cost that is often associated with single-cell experiments while keeping analysis simple and cost-effective, enabling routine adoption of single-cell sequencing.

In addition to unlocking pent-up demand for custom panels, Mission Bio has expanded regional sales into Europe to meet burgeoning international interest. Mission Bio secured partnerships with three key research institutions: VIB, a leading research institute in Flanders, Belgium and an early adopter of breakthrough technologies; the Cancer Research Center of Toulouse, one of the largest biobanks of cancer samples in France; and Saint-Louis Hospital in Paris, one of the most advanced hematology teaching hospitals in Europe. The company’s partnerships with key European research institutions will enable it to scale Tapestri’s footprint, empowering researchers to deliver on the promise of precision medicine, worldwide.