OptraHEALTH, InformedDNA Partner To Expand Access To Genetics Experts

November 8, 2019

By Bio-IT World Staff

November 8, 2019 | OptraHEALTH and InformedDNA today announced that they will partner to offer access to InformedDNA’s board-certified genetic counselors through GeneFAX’s AI-enabled CounselorConnect platform.

GeneFAX, a flagship product of OptraHEALTH, is an AI-powered knowledge platform for genetic health with bot interfaces. The GeneFAX platform includes a Digital Genetic Assistant trained on genetics knowledge to aid genetics labs/providers/payers in consenting, triaging, pre-test counseling and post-test counseling processes. GeneFAX Enterprise is a cloud service that empowers organizations to build and deploy, AI-powered virtual assistants and chatbots that can be used to enhance their processes, patient engagements and reduce costs.

InformedDNA was the first telegenetic service provider in the U.S. and now employs the nation’s largest, most experienced, full-time staff of genetic counselors. Covered specialties include: cancer, cardiac, neuro, ocular, reproductive, and pediatric genetics; pharmacogenomics; whole genome/exome sequencing; and, direct-to-consumer genetic test results consultation. Since InformedDNA is lab-independent, there are no conflicts of interest with its genetic counselors advising ordering providers and patients on the most appropriate use of genetic tests and their results.

GeneFAX CounselorConnect allows patients to schedule a genetic counseling appointment with a board-certified genetic counselor at their convenience. Patients may discuss about their families’ or their own genetic health and ask questions related to pre-test and post-test genetic testing, prenatal testing or any cancer-related genetic testing. GeneFAX’s CounselorConnect will enable GeneFAX users to access InformedDNA’s board-certified genetic counselors to connect remotely and obtain accurate answers to their questions and reach out to them for further steps on top of its AI powered e-counseling.

“We are committed towards providing accurate genetic information to the patients through GeneFAX and this partnership with InformedDNA will definitely help us in keeping our commitment," Gauri Naik, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of OptraHEALTH, said in a press release. "I strongly believe that the combination of GeneFAX’s AI technology and expert genetic counseling services of InformedDNA will extend the reach of genetic testing and engage users meaningfully. It will also empower users to get more out of genetic testing in order to take control of their health.”