BOC RNA and Dr. Shiyue Fang Announced Plans to Cooperate Closely in Sensitive DNA/RNA Synthesis

November 24, 2020

Recently, BOC RNA and Shiyue Fang's team at Michigan Technological University reached a cooperative consensus to conduct sensitive DNA/RNA synthesis. DNA/RNA can coexist with many sensitive organic functional groups. However, DNA/RNA analogs containing these groups cannot be obtained through the current technologies on the market. It is reported that the new technology developed by Shiyue Fang's group using Dim-Dmoc phosphoimide and Dmoc supports can be used for sensitive DNA/RNA synthesis. This new technology is generally applicable to the synthesis of DNA/RNA containing a variety of sensitive groups. Sensitive DNA/RNA analogs obtained using Dim-Dmoc technology can be used in the study of protein interactions, the origin, function, disease association research of naturally occurring sensitive DNA/RNA analogs, the development of antisense drugs, DNA/RNA-based disease diagnosis, and synthesis of mRNA drugs. About Dr. Fang The current projects of Dr. Fang's research group include the development of sensitive DNA and RNA synthesis methods and total chemical gene synthesis methods. These projects are supported by the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Fang has published more than 50 research papers in various international journals and holds three patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. About BOC RNA BOC RNA mainly focuses on RNA technology and its broad prospects in disease treatment. We provide a comprehensive range of RNA-related products and services, including siRNA design, synthesis, analysis, conjugation, delivery, and mRNA vaccines, involving all development processes of RNA drugs. For details, please visit