Matexcel Provides a Wide Selection of Antimicrobial Material Products

November 25, 2020

Matexcel, a leading provider in the material science, now provides various forms of materials with antimicrobial properties to help with its customers’ scientific research. There are many substances in nature that have good bactericidal or anti-microbial functions, such as some organic compounds with specific groups, some inorganic metal materials and their compounds, and some minerals and natural substances. But at present antibacterial materials are more of a new type of functional material that can inhibit or kill surface bacteria by adding certain antibacterial substances (called antibacterial agents), such as antibacterial plastics, antibacterial fibers and fabrics, antibacterial ceramics, antibacterial metal materials, etc. During the past years, Matexcel has provided quality materials to customers worldwide including: ceramic, graphene, metal powder, natural materials, tools and supplies. As infectious disease management is increasing in recent years, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic, Matexcel provides antimicrobial functional powder, antimicrobial solution and antimicrobial fibers to support the production of protective products. Advantages of Matexcel’s antimicrobial material: • Highly stable over long periods of time; • Easily and inexpensively synthesized; • Not decomposing or emitting toxic products; • Water-insoluble (for disinfection of water); • Broad-spectrum of antimicrobial activity; • Non-toxic and non-irritating. Customers can choose from the following products provided by Matexcel for antimicrobial solutions: Antimicrobial functional powder Antimicrobial master batches Antimicrobial solution Antimicrobial yarn & fibers Antimicrobial building materials Other products “We provide a variety of high quality materials and research tools to help advance your lab research and product development. We can also provide customized services according to your specific needs.” Commented Johnson, the official speaker from Matexcel. To get a whole view of the antimicrobial material products provided by Matexcel, you can visit About Matexcel Matexcel is a leading service provider in materials science, with years of commitment to supply better polymers, nanoparticles and other materials for worldwide customers from both academia and industry.