FDS Amplicare and Mutual Drug Offers Analytics Solution to Member Pharmacies

May 16, 2021

FDS Amplicare and Mutual Drug Offers Analytics Solution

to Member Pharmacies


Mutual Drug Analytics transforms financial & operational performance through data-driven insights


Ft. Worth, Texas – May 17, 2021 – FDS Amplicare, a pharmacy software solutions company, and Mutual Drug, a member-owned network of more than 500 independent pharmacies, today announced the launch of Mutual Drug Analytics, a pharmacy software solution available to Mutual Drug members.

Mutual Drug Analytics is a purpose-built care solution for community pharmacies designed to transform financial and operational performance by:

        Unlocking the power of pharmacy data for accurate snapshots into performance

        Driving growth and surfacing easily accessible opportunities for care with intelligent analytics

        Improving patient care through tracking refill and missing patient activity, and then prioritizing outreach to improve medication adherence and so much more    

“Every day, independent pharmacists are challenged to deliver quality care while balancing a complex financial reality of unpredictable DIR fees, increasing overhead costs and decreased consumer spending,” said Michael Ziegler, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Enterprise Sales, FDS Amplicare. “Our new offering with Mutual Drug empowers pharmacies to leverage data and analytics, immediately identifying opportunities for improved care and service, and most importantly, financial success for the pharmacy.”

Mutual Drug Analytics is available to Mutual Drug pharmacy members, markingthis the first time Mutual Drug has collaborated with a partner company to provide a custom pharmacy software. Independent pharmacies can easily incorporate Mutual Drug Analytics into their existing day-to-day operations to help drive financial growth andimprove patient medication adherence that can in turn reduce DIR fees.

“Pharmacists epitomize the selfless care and service our country needed during this unprecedented time. Pharmacists have been called on more than ever, regardless of their battles,” said Meredith Lauderdale, Executive Vice President of Sales and Services, Mutual Drug. “Our alliance with FDS Amplicare to offer business intelligence and analytics tools enables our members to strengthen the health of their pharmacies and patients nearly overnight.”

Mutual Drug Analytics includes additional key functionality enabling pharmacies to:

        Get daily, weekly, and monthly reporting on key metrics like missing refills, missing patients, uncertain or open claims

        Automate essential reporting to drive accountability for patient calls, verify costs, and catch billing errors

        Track patient refill activity and prioritize outreach based on factors such as gaps in therapy and refill gross margin

        Improve Adherence Ratings by zeroing in on optimal patients that can make an immediate impact to the overall score

To learn more about FDS Amplicare, visit www.fdsrx.com or www.Amplicare.com.

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About FDS Amplicare:

FDS Amplicare strengthens the health of pharmacies and their patients. Through the delivery of innovative software products and services, we enable the evolution of the clinically focused New Era Pharmacy, empowering our clients to provide comprehensive pharmacy and clinical care services for their communities.

About Mutual Drug

Mutual Drug is a member-owned network of over 500 independent pharmacies delivering innovative pharmacy solutions. Mutual Drug contributes to its members’ success by leveraging a collaborative network of pharmacies, powerful group purchasing, access to products and supplies, legislative advocacy, and a full suite of business support services.

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