Sensyne Health Signs Strategic Research Agreement with the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine

May 23, 2021

New agreement covering 7.3 million patients brings Sensyne’s combined total dataset of anonymized and de-identified patient data for medical research to 18.2 million patients


Second U.S. Strategic Research Agreement by clinical AI pioneer Sensyne to enable the ethical application of clinical AI to improve patient care and accelerate medical research



Oxford, England and Dover, Delaware, May 24, 2021: Sensyne Health plc (LSE: SENS) (“Sensyne” or the “Company” or the “Group”), the Clinical AI company, today announces that it has signed its second Strategic Research Agreement (“SRA”) in the U.S. with the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine (“CCPM”), a partnership between non-profit health system UCHealth and the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. 


The agreement will enable the ethical application of clinical AI research to improve patient care and accelerate medical research. This is in line with Sensyne’s strategy of building a world-leading health data platform with industrial scale and robust patient data protection.  The uptake of Sensyne’s model in the U.S. demonstrates growing appetite for more advanced ethical data sourcing supported by patient information protection.


The CCPM houses one of largest health data warehouses in the United States and has been a pioneer in driving large-scale personalized medicine and return of clinically actionable results through a research biobank, integrating personalized genomic information with clinical data. CCPM’s significant advancements in making pharmacogenomics a standard of care are already providing benefits, and with plans to expand the provision of personalized healthcare, patients will soon have access to more clinically-actionable results, including genomic mutations that confer risk to diseases such as cancer and cardiomyopathies. In tandem, through its partnership with UCHealth, CCPM is scaling efforts to include as many as 100,000 additional UCHealth patients per year.


The CCPM dataset covers 7.3 million de-identified and anonymized patients, including anonymized patient records from a UCHealth population of approximately 2.4 million active patients and a biobank of >180,000 research participants for which clinical genetic test results are being generated. UCHealth cares for patients through its network of 12 acute-care full-service hospitals and hundreds of clinic locations across Colorado, southern Wyoming and western Nebraska.


Consistent with Sensyne's approach with all of its Strategic Research Agreements, research will be undertaken to the highest standards of information governance and data security and in accordance with The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). All data supplied to Sensyne for research will be de-identified by CCPM beforehand and will remain in the U.S., and the provision of the data will operate under an agreed set of data processing procedures. 


Under the terms of the agreement, should the medical research undertaken by Sensyne using CCPM’s data lead to medical discoveries commercialised by Sensyne, CCPM will share a proportion of  Sensyne’s revenues generated from that research. The agreement quickly follows Sensyne’s first U.S. SRA announced on May 21, 2021 with St. Luke’s University Health Network, a leading U.S. health system serving patients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  These new U.S. partners follow 11 National Health Service (NHS) Trusts in the U.K., covering more than 13% of the U.K. population, which have partnered with Sensyne sharing anonymized clinical datasets to enable the discovery of new treatments, increase disease understanding, and advance clinical trial design.


Kathleen Barnes, PhD, University of Colorado School of Medicine Professor and Director of CCPM, said: “This collaboration will take an already notable program at the CCPM and expand the depth and breadth of its capabilities, allowing us to give more back to patients everywhere through our collaborations. Our partnership with Sensyne Health will lead to an optimization of patient care, using personalized results to better inform research, clinical decision making, and potentially leading to new ways of diagnosing, preventing and treating illnesses.” 


Lord (Paul) Drayson, PhD, CEO of Sensyne Health, said: “This agreement with Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine, covering both genomic and electronic health record data, will enable us to undertake research aimed at a deeper understanding of disease, and to accelerate the development of novel medicines in collaboration with our pharmaceutical partners.  I’m delighted to be working with CCPM and excited about the capability that our growing international data collaborative now offers to the global life sciences research community.”


About Sensyne Health:

Sensyne Health plc (LSE: SENS) is a clinical artificial intelligence company operating a unique business model – a for-profit plc making a positive social impact, sharing the financial returns it makes with health systems.  The company applies clinical AI in the healthcare and life science industries. In healthcare, Sensyne delivers remote patient monitoring and real-time decision-making systems for healthcare organizations and their patients. In life sciences, Sensyne analyses large complex anonymized data sets to help life sciences companies accelerate the development of new medicines.


About the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus: 

The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus is a world-class medical destination at the forefront of transformative science, medicine, education, and patient care. The campus encompasses the University of Colorado health professional schools, more than 60 centres and institutes, and two nationally ranked independent hospitals that treat more than two million adult and paediatric patients each year. Innovative, interconnected and highly collaborative, together we deliver life-changing treatments, patient care, professional training, and conduct world-renowned research.


About UCHealth: 

UCHealth is an innovative, nonprofit health system that delivers the highest quality medical care with an excellent patient experience. UCHealth includes 25,000 employees, 12 acute-care full-service hospitals and hundreds of physicians across Colorado, southern Wyoming and western Nebraska. With University of Colorado Hospital on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus as its academic anchor and the only adult academic medical center in the region, UCHealth is dedicated to providing unmatched patient care in the Rocky Mountain West. Offering more than 150 clinic locations, UCHealth pushes the boundaries of medicine, providing advanced treatments and clinical trials and improving health through innovation.