Protheragen MedAI Offers Comprehensive Solutions for Drug Research and Development, Medical Imaging and Medical Therapy and Research System

June 23, 2021

With a unique artificial intelligence drug research and development platform, Protheragen MedAI has partnered with a few pharmaceutical companies to accelerate their drug discovery projects. Recently, the company proudly reveals its capability of providing a series of solutions, ranging from drug research and development, medical imaging to medical therapy and research system, for customers worldwide.


“We have integrated AI technologies into every step of the drug discovery process. Our scientists are specialized in applying our AI platform in various scenarios, from early discovery to late stage clinical development,” says a spokesperson from Protheragen MedAI.


The comprehensive solutions offered by Protheragen MedAI mainly cover the following aspects:


Drug Research and DevelopmentSolutions

Drug R&D is a complicated, time-consuming process that encompasses a wide range of efforts. Fully aware of this, Protheragen MedAI can assist with steps like ADMET prediction, biomarker discovery, candidate drug discovery, design and optimization of clinical trials, developing drug targets, drug formulation development, patient screening and recruitment, pharmacovigilance, prediction of drug crystal form, repurposing existing drugs, etc.


Medical Imaging

The image recognition technology in Protheragen MedAI’s artificial intelligence system is able to interpret patients’ images, identify key information, give preliminary diagnosis, and help radiologists improve the diagnosis efficiency. Combining methods like image segmentation, feature extraction, quantitative analysis, comparative analysis, AI is increasingly helping to reveal hidden insights into clinical decision-making, connect patients with resources for self-management, and extract meaning from previously inaccessible, unstructured data assets.


Medical Therapy and ResearchSystem

The Intelligent Inquiry and Guidance platform offered by Protheragen MedAI uses the medical AI engine to accurately identify and match the needs of both doctors and patients. Advanced analytics and machine learning techniques are being used concurrently to help uncover critical insights and best practices from the billions of data elements associated with robotic-assisted surgery. The introduction of AI machine learning will greatly improve the efficiency of literature search and information acquisition.


Missioned to be a pioneer in applying AI into medical and pharmaceutical fields, Protheragen MedAI never ceased its step of exploring and deploying new AI technologies. Visit to learn more.


About Protheragen MedAI

During the past few years, Protheragen MedAI has accomplished a few projects to help pharmaceutical companies simplify R&D steps and at the same time help streamline R&D costs and other input. With a highly skillful team of experts, the company will continue to cooperate with big pharma and institutions to seek more efficient drug discovery and development approaches.