Protheragen MedAI Fully Supports In Vitro Pharmacology Research for Drug Discovery

July 6, 2021

Known as an expert in artificial intelligence-powered drug discovery, Protheragen MedAI announces earlier this month that it is now fully supportive to researchers who are conducting in vitro pharmacology research for their drug discovery projects. Via the utilization of the next-generation generative tensorial and reinforcement learning, AI has been introduced to the company’s experimental validation platform, offering extensive studies on ADME, chemistry, high-throughput screening, in vivo research, phenotypic screening, safety & efficiency evaluation, and toxicology.

In vitro pharmacology refers to studies conducted outside of living organisms on the biological effects of drugs and pharmaceuticals. “Our scientists have abundant expertise across a variety of therapeutic areas, target types, assay formats, and instrument and automation platforms, and our project management can ensure the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of in vitro pharmacology solutions for our clients,” commented the Marketing Chief of Protheragen MedAI.

Highlights of Protheragen MedAI’s in vitro pharmacology services:

l  To obtain high-quality data on the safety and toxicity of drug candidate;

l  To detect potential adverse effects early in the drug development process;

l  To analyze compounds to guide pre-clinical in vitro safety and toxicity studies;

l  To evaluate the potency and efficacy of drug candidate against the targeted disease;

l  To gather data on PK and PD;

l  To further study the drug candidate's action mechanism;

l  To evaluate the activity of biosimilar compounds.

In addition to customized technical solutions for in vitro pharmacology research throughout the whole drug discovery and development process, Protheragen MedAI is also specialized in providing the broadest portfolio of both standard and custom in vitro assays. “Our scientists have sorted out the most popularly used assays, which include: cytokine receptors assays, growth factor receptors assays, transporters assays, nuclear receptors assays, phosphatases & proteases assays, epigenetic proteins & enzymes assays, ubiquitin enzymes & substrates assays, GPCRs assays, ion channels assays, kinase enzymes assays and many more,” the Marketing Chief further added.

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About Protheragen MedAI

Data science and AI are of growing significance to big pharmaceutical companies. Owing to the unparalleled expertise of a group of scientists, structural biologists, medical chemists, and machine learning experts, Protheragen MedAI provides AI solutions to streamline R&D costs and procedures. By placing customer’s need at the center of each project, the company pursues a flexible and unique business concept and whole-heartedly devotes to addressing the research needs of the researchers. Its CADD Platform, AIDD Platform, Experimental Validation Platform have proven effects in shortening the research and development time of new drugs, reducing the cost of new drug research and development, and improving the success rate of new drug research and development.