Protheragen MedAI Upgrades CADD Platform to Accelerate Drug Design

August 25, 2021

Earlier this month, Protheragen MedAI announces that it has upgraded its CADD platform to accelerate drug design and at the same time help researchers and pharmaceutical companies minimize their synthetic and biological testing efforts by focusing only on the most promising compounds.

Computer aided drug design (CADD), or referred to as in silico screening, is now a powerful technique used in drug development and drug discovery to facilitate the drug design process. With the help of Protheragen MedAI’s expert team composed of structure biologists, biophysicists and computational scientists, both time and costs can be saved in the discovery of new chemical entities.

“Traditionally, in silico drug discovery is carried out with the procedures of identification of therapeutic target, cause and mechanisms revealing, generation of small compounds library, docking and scoring, pharmacokinetic studies, and lead compound generation,” says a spokesperson from Protheragen MedAI. “However, via the use of our CADD platform, many computational software and chemistry simulation techniques can be employed to help identify novel hits or leads against selected therapeutic targets in a more efficient manner.”

Computational approaches are useful tools to interpret and guide experiments to expedite the antibiotic drug design process. The comprehensive solutions offered by Protheragen MedAI’s CADD platform mainly cover the following aspects:

l  Prediction and Analysis of Protein Structure

l  Drug-Receptor Interaction Analysis

l  Multi-target Drug Searching and Designing

l  Profiling and filtering of chemical libraries for molecules

l  Pharmacophore Development

l  Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship (QSAR) Studies

l  Small compound conformation Generation

l  Computer modeling of DMPK properties

In brief, there are two common types of CADD approaches, namely, structure based drug design (SBDD) and ligand based drug design (LBDD). The former are mainly used to interrupt the biological pathways essential for survival of the microorganisms, while the latter for the optimization of known drugs or for guiding the design of new drugs with improved activity.

In addition, a lot of software is used for MD simulation, random searching, systematic searching, homology modeling and the like. Visit to learn more.

About Protheragen MedAI

During the past few years, Protheragen MedAI has accomplished a few projects to help pharmaceutical companies simplify R&D steps and at the same time help streamline R&D costs and other input. With a highly skillful team of experts, the company will continue to cooperate with big pharma and institutions to seek more efficient drug discovery and development approaches.