Curebase’s Enhanced Telemedicine Feature Expands Patient Access to Edesa Biotech Derm Study

November 29, 2021

Curebase’s Enhanced Telemedicine Feature Expands Patient Access to Edesa Biotech Derm Study


SAN FRANCISCO, November 30, 2021Curebase, a company committed to democratizing access to clinical studies, today announced that a newly released telemedicine feature of its decentralized clinical trial (DCT) platform has expanded patient access for its client Edesa Biotech, Inc., a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on inflammatory and immune-related diseases. The enhanced feature streamlines the virtual visit process for both study participants and clinical researchers

The telemedicine feature in Curebase’s DCT platform is an organically built videoconference solution created specifically to meet the needs of clinical trials. While the Curebase platform’s telemedicine functionality is far more complex than consumer-based videoconferencing products, such as Zoom, it is easy and intuitive for both study participants and researchers to navigate and capture data required for their studies.

Edesa Biotech is using the Curebase telemedicine solution as part of a Phase 2b trial for an anti-inflammatory drug for which the Canada-based company is developing for chronic allergic contact dermatitis. To date, the option has been made available to patients in New York state.

Prior to implementing the Curebase DCT platform, patients in Edesa’s study typically attended several visits to dermatology clinics at which time clinicians would examine a patient’s skin rash or lesion. The Curebase platform’s telemedicine feature allows this to be done remotely as an option in the study now.

“Successful remote clinical trials require sophisticated tools that aren’t available in commercial videoconferencing platforms,” said Curebase CEO Tom Lemberg. “Our DCT software platform is scalable, flexible and can be adapted for a wide range of studies because it integrates into clinical workflows, making the entire process efficient for participants and researchers.”

Blair Gordon, PhD, vice president of research and development for Edesa Biotech, said that the Curebase DCT platform has been well received and has helped expand enrollment opportunities in areas where it has been implemented. “With the Curebase platform and its telemedicine capabilities, dermatologists can assess a patient’s symptoms and collect key study data without needing to see the patient in person at a clinic. The goal is to make recruitment and patient care easier and more convenient, as well as reach patients at greater distances from our current investigational sites,” he said.


Whether the purpose of a video call is to obtain patient consent, enable a meeting between physician and patient, or capture specific image, video, and audio clinical data, the telemedicine feature operates seamlessly within the clinical workflow of the Curebase platform. Patients merely have to open an email or text message to log into the system and they instantly are prompted to join a call and informed about where they are in the visit process, whether they need to fill out any information (such as patient-reported outcomes) and other relevant instructions, all in one window.

Similarly, physicians and researchers can log into the videoconference visit with a single click and easily engage the patient while going through their clinical workflow, including remotely capturing live images of the patient, dragging them, and zooming in, and comparing them to previous endpoints – all within the telemedicine software. Participants in these calls will be able to see themselves and each other on their respective computer or mobile screens, along with documents such as consent forms or questionnaires.

Curebase is currently using its enhanced telemedicine feature on multiple clinical trials, adapted to a variety of indication and protocol designs. Curebase's decentralized clinical trial model ensures more diverse studies because unique populations – which typically are underrepresented in clinical trials – can be included. The company's virtual research sites also provide physicians with new and unique options to offer their patients, regardless of location. The Curebase platform empowers sponsors, CROs and physicians from practices of all sizes to conduct clinical research, including private practices, independent clinics, and large academic research sites.


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