SpIntellx and iCura Diagnostics Partner to Expand Access to Advanced Spatial Analytics and Explainable AI Products for Pathology and Oncology Research

August 17, 2022

Pittsburgh and Malvern, PA (PRWEB) August 18, 2022 

SpIntellx, Inc., a leader in spatially intelligent biology, and iCura Diagnostics, a leading contract research organization focused on capitalizing multiomic data to accelerate end-to-end clinical workflow solutions and biomarker discovery, have announced a partnership to transform precision oncology through unlocking the power of genomic, proteomics, and transcriptomic data using advanced spatial analytics. 


This new partnership combines SpIntellx’s software as a service (SaaS) based solutions for precision pathology applications harnessing unbiased spatial analytics and explainable AI with iCura Diagnostics’ expertise as a technical CRO propelling the pace of immunotherapy and targeted therapy development. iCura’s multiplex assay development and genomic and transcriptomic capabilities focused on unravelling novel spatial signatures in high-plex assays helps predict responses to immunotherapy and boost confidence in treatment recommendations. Through this strategic alliance, iCura Diagnostics and SpIntellx will deliver advanced spatial analytics and explainable AI-powered decisions at scale across the drug development continuum driving integration of multimodal data, optimizing clinical workflow, accelerating biomarker discovery, and empowering personalized care. The companies plan to launch a suite of solutions which combine genomic, proteomic, transcriptomic and clinical data to explore the complex spatial heterogeneity in the tumor microenvironment (TME). Their novel approaches include unlocking key spatial interactions through the discovery of microdomains in the TME which contribute to disease progression and proliferation. 


“This partnership comes at a tipping point in the spatial biology market with emerging evidence underscoring the need for precision convergence with multimodal data in order to reveal the hidden circuitries in the tumor microenvironment, predict more accurately responses to immunotherapy and inform treatment decisions,” said B. Dusty Majumdar, PhD, CEO of SpIntellx. “Together with iCura, we will be able to improve prediction accuracies and drive personalized therapeutic options for selecting optimal therapeutics based on insights into spatial tumor biology of individual patients and their potential outcomes.” 


Buer Song, MD. PhD, CEO of iCura Diagnostics stated, “We are delighted to partner with SpIntellx to take our precision convergence-based solutions to the next level to empower biopharma and create better outcomes for patients. Our combined expertise in multiplexing (or multiplex spatial imaging), explainable AI and unbiased spatial analytics will radically transform spatial biology and generate hitherto unprecedented spatial insights to radically improve our approach to immunotherapy in the future.” 



About SpIntellx 

SpIntellx, Inc., is the precision pathology company based in Pittsburgh, PA that applies its proprietary unbiased spatial analytics and explainable AI to transform computational and systems pathology to precision pathology and guide clinicians and researchers with powerful tools so they can See More, Know More, and Power Precision Pathology. 


SpIntellx offers software as a service (SaaS) for precision pathology applications harnessing unbiased spatial analytics and explainable AI including: accelerated drug discovery for identifying novel targets, biomarkers and “invisible” cell types; optimized clinical trials for precision patient stratification; advanced companion diagnostics for radically improving prediction accuracies through deep insights into biological mechanisms of action; and personalized therapeutic options for selecting optimal therapeutics based on insights into probable patient outcomes. 


For more information on SpIntellx, please visit: http://www.spintellx.com 


About iCura Diagnostics 

iCura Diagnostics, located in Great Valley Industrial Park, provides diagnostic testing and services for the pharmaceutical industry, academic research center, and partner CRO and laboratories. iCura has a CLIA/CAP accredited laboratory which has Pennsylvania Department of Health issued laboratory permit for clinical diagnostic tests as well. The company has a highly experienced team composed of board-certified pathologists and PhD level scientists, with active medical licenses and other professional certifications. 


iCura is recognized as a leading CRO providing Whole Slide Imaging, multiplex IHC/IF, Image Analysis, Circulating Tumor Cells, and other high-end pathology testing in a CLIA environment. More recently, iCura has focused on exploring the relationship between biomarkers expressed in the TME as well as combining the data from proteomics and genomics to gain deeper understanding of both spatial and temporal heterogeneity within the tumor. 


The details of the service items could be found on their website, http://www.icuradx.com