Athenex Partners with Leading Contract Manufacturer GenScript ProBio in the Development of Advanced Cell and Gene Therapies

August 23, 2022

GenScript ProBio announced that it has expanded its partnership with Athenex which is a leading biopharmaceutical business that is committed to the development, discovery and commercialization of innovative therapies to treat cancer and related disorders as well as the creation of cutting-edge treatments for gene and cell therapy with the benefit of a preferred collaboration.


In the last ten year, Athenex has established a successful partnership with GenScript in addition to GenScript ProBio to be a supplier of top-quality reagents and other products to support numerous Research and Development initiatives.


GenScript ProBio was launched in 2020 as a CDMO that is devoted to the manufacturing of products related to gene therapy and cell research, vaccines, CAR-T in Vitro Assay, and the discovery of biologics and antibodies protein drugs. Athenex recognizes the long-term potential for working together with GenScript ProBio to support the therapies for cells and to leverage their existing partnership.


"Our close connection with GenScript has enabled us to expand our collaboration with GenScript to include GenScript's CDMO GenScript ProBio," said Dan Lang, President of Athenex Cell Therapy. "We are extremely grateful to work with such a cooperative partner in our various R&D initiatives. GenScript ProBio provides us with the top-quality products we require to develop the development of our NKT cells therapy system along with valuable guidance regarding the regulatory requirements of different government agencies. We are looking forward to furthering our research and development with GenScript ProBio's team." GenScript ProBio."


As Athenex develops various Natural Killer T (NKT) treatments based on cells for the treatment of different kinds of cancers. GenScript ProBio continues to provide top-quality materials and CAR-T lentivirus services essential to this endeavour, such as DNA plasmids and the creation of other materials necessary to aid and facilitate the NKT manufacturing process.


Alongside the manufacturing of essential reagents and other materials as well, GenScript ProBio's team provides expert advice on quality programs and the expectations of regulators across the globe. Athenex is continuing to collaborate together with GenScript ProBio to support Athenex's cell therapy efforts in both the clinical stage and commercial stages.


"We are delighted to work with Athenex regularly and are grateful to contribute to this exciting multi Natural Killer T (NKT) therapy based on cells," said Dr. Brian Min, CEO of GenScript ProBio. "I believe that this partnership will further demonstrate the advantages of technology and platform of both sides. The quality control systems we have in place will ensure that the data is in compliance with each phase and authenticity and traceability.


We look forward to helping those programs when they progress in clinical research and we anticipate that more patients will be benefited from the superior treatment options."