CD Genomics RNA-Solutions Platform Announces the Launch of Nanopore Direct RNA Sequencing

August 24, 2022

The RNA Solutions platform offers services to revolutionize RNA study, targeting both coding and non-coding RNAs of different physiological functions. Scientists at CD Genomics are ready to help detect various types of RNA via meticulous and integrative approaches. The company has recently launched the Nanopore direct RNA sequencing service for identifying new genes, transcripts, and alternative splicing events, as well as resolving structural variants and repetitive regions.


Nanopore direct RNA sequencing is a long-read sequencing strategy to sequence the entire transcriptome of a cell or tissue. CD Genomics offers Nanopore direct RNA sequencing to help you address structural variants and repetitive regions, enhance macro-genome identification of closely related species, and sequence entire microorganisms within real-time in a single read.


Nanopore direct RNA sequencing is a type of long-read sequencing that emerged in 2011 and is accomplished via Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT). It provides direct, real-time sequencing of long RNA fragments using an electrical resistance membrane containing a total of 2,048 nanopores on the membrane. As the RNA fragment ratchets through the nanopore via voltage, a nucleotide can move through the nanopore, and a characteristic current is measured to indicate the specific nucleotide identification. Therefore, Nanopore direct RNA sequencing allows ultra-long reads, with the longest fragments approaching 1 million bp.


Advantages of CD Genomics’s Nanopore direct RNA sequencing include: 1) direct, real-time analysis; 2) allowing continuous reads of ultra-long kilobases.


“At CD Genomics, we offer Nanopore direct single-molecule RNA sequencing, a highly parallel, real-time, single-molecule method that eliminates the need for prior conversion from RNA to cDNA. This method yields full-length, strand-specific RNA sequences and enables direct detection of nucleotide analogs in RNA, providing a pathway to high-throughput, low-cost direct RNA sequencing that achieves the ultimate goala comprehensive and unbiased understanding of the transcriptome,” commented the Vice President of CD Genomics.


About CD Genomics

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