MicrobioSeq Boosts Microbial Community Research with Long-Read Metagenomic Sequencing

August 13, 2022

MicrobioSeq represents the microbial genomics division of CD Genomics, headquartered in New York, USA. CD Genomics is a genomics service company with a good reputation for providing reliable sequencing, genotyping, microarray, and bioinformatics services. The company provides the long-read metagenomics sequencing service using PacBio SMRT platform, which can sequence multiple organisms in parallel with reduced assembly errors.


Metagenomics sequencing is the way to do a genomic analysis of microbial DNA from environmental communities. It enables the population analysis of unculturable or previously unknown microbes and allows researchers to comprehensively sample all genes in all organisms present in a given complex sample.


MicrobioSeq offers long-read metagenomics sequencing services based on single-molecule sequencing technologies. Long-read length sequencing technologies such as PacBio SMRT sequencing significantly improve the assembly of macrogenomes compared to metagenomic shotgun sequencing. Chemical modifications can be detected directly without sample pre-treatment (e.g., bisulfite treatment with antibody pull-down) for next-generation sequencing (NGS). Results from macrogenomic samples are > 99% consistent with predictions from reference sequences in soil, water, etc. Long-read metagenomic sequencing can detect very low-abundance members of the microbial community that may be missed or too expensive to identify by other methods. They can identify rare species (down to 0.05%) to fully characterize the composition of the microbial community and the abundance of its members.


MicrobioSeq now provides long-read metagenomics sequencing services on PacBio SMRT System in a culture-free method. Long-read metagenomics sequencing helps scientists generate new insights into the function and pathway facets of the microbiome, trying to understand and elucidate the relationships between microbes and their habitat/host.


“Coupled with powerful computational algorithms and tools, our long-read metagenomics technologies could provide a wealth of important information about species-level classification, microbial community structure, the abundance of microorganisms, genetic variations, gene annotation, functional annotation, pathway enrichment, microbial evolution, and so on,” commented the chief scientist of CD Genomics, “Metagenomics enables the detection of bacteria, archaea, viruses, and eukaryotes in samples. Long-read metagenomic sequencing can reduce assembly errors, and largely improve the resolution. It is an ideal platform for the sequencing of microbial communities, particularly for complex samples and low-diversity microbial communities.”


About the MicrobioSeq Division of CD Genomics

MicrobioSeq is the microbial genomics division of CD Genomics, which is a genomics service company with a good reputation for providing reliable microbial sampling products, microbial testing services, microbial genomics services, and integrated bioinformatics services.



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