Profacgen Announces New Fermentation Process Development Solutions

August 25, 2022

Profacgen, a supplier of protein products and protein-related services for life sciences, announced the release of new fermentation process development solutions to meet the market demand and research needs.


In the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and energy production industries, fermentation technology is widely employed to create a wide range of commercially significant substances. Despite the fact that the fermentation process has been passed down from generation to generation, the current fermentation industry faces many challenges in its production process, including extensive production, poor product quality, high resource and energy consumption, serious environmental pollution, and so on. It is difficult to meet the demand for items on the market in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


Profacgen integrates basic culture, scale-up, optimization, and various other steps to form a complete set of Fermentation Development Services, ensuring the commercial viability of target strains and opening ways to produce new unnatural products.


The company has mastered the key technologies of fermentation optimization to achieve high-yield, high substrate conversion rate, and high-intensity production. It vigorously develops biology, fermentation kinetics, and physical phenomena optimizing techniques to best meet market demands and research needs.


The following are the major services provided by Profacgen's fermentation production laboratory for the manufacture, development, and improvement of metabolites:


Identification or design the fermenting strains

Systematic design and optimization of fermentation media

Analysis and optimization of fermentation conditions

Nutritional control of metabolites

Optimization of fermentation kinetics

Cultural development stage



  •   Large-scale, pilot-scale and experimental fermenter
  •   PhD level technicians and QC team
  •   Fermentation laboratory with sterile grade lyophilized machine