Graphene Modification Helps to Unlock New Potentials

September 12, 2022

Appropriate surface modification of graphene can be advantageous in expanding its application range. With a team of experts in graphene chemistry, Alfa Chemistry recently announced its graphene modification capabilities. Whether itchemical modification, physical modification, or element doping modificationAlfa Chemistry can adopt the most suitable strategy accordingly and ultimately discover further potentials of graphene.


Owing to its unique and excellent electronic, optical, mechanical, and chemical properties, graphene has aroused tremendous interest in the research community over the past decade.  


However, single graphene material remains limited and greatly restricted its application ranges; hence, functional modifications should be carried out on single graphene, said the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry. “Upon accomplishing the functionalization process, graphene and graphene oxide will gain new functions, thus deriving new mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties, allowing extensive application possibilities.”


In general, graphene modification can be performed in three different ways:


Covalent Bond Modification

Among all modifications available for graphene preparation, covalent bond modification is broadly viewed as one of the most efficient routes to functionalize graphene. Alfa Chemistry’s experts can provide practical advice and help customers design experiments and prepare functionalized graphene.


Non-covalent Bond Modification

Compared with covalent bond modification, modifying graphene in a non-covalent fashion will lessen the damage to the conjugated sheet structure of graphene.


Element Doping Modification

Doping can afford new graphene properties. The element doping modification of graphite mainly adopts annealing treatment, ion bombardment, and other techniques to dope nitrogen, phosphorus, boron, sulfur, or other elements into graphene and replace the defect of the graphene sheet.  


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Alfa Chemistry aims to present emerging innovative materials to researchers once they have become commercially available. Graphene is among such materials. The advent of graphene has realized new application prospects. As a key player in the chemical industry, Alfa Chemistry is committed to the supply of the most affordable, high-quality, and reproducible graphene for customers across the globe. Meanwhile, the company also provides custom modification services in the hope of tapping more potential of graphene for additional applications.