Creative Proteomics Has Optimized Pre-treatments and Assays for Different Types of Vitamins

September 21, 2022

Metabolomics, a subdivision of Creative Proteomics, is dedicated to providing metabolomics services based on cutting-edge LC-MS technology for biomedical research institutions, biotechnology companies, and pharmaceutical companies. Creative Proteomics has developed highly sensitive, selective and accurate LC/MS/MS analytical solutions for the identification and quantification of vitamins in complex matrices.


Vitamins are a class of organic substances essential for the body to maintain normal life activities. Meanwhile, vitamins are customarily divided into two categories: fat-soluble and water-soluble. Fat-soluble vitamins are directly involved in the metabolic regulation of the body, and water-soluble vitamins regulate metabolism by acting as coenzymes. To further elucidate, small organic compounds that bind to enzymes and act in concert to perform catalytic activity are known as coenzymes (or cofactors). Coenzymes are a class of compounds with specific chemical structures and functions, and enzymatic reactions in which coenzymes participate are mainly redox or group transfer reactions. Nevertheless, precursors of most coenzymes are mainly water-soluble B vitamins.


“The accurate determination of vitamin content plays an important role in controlling food nutrition and safety. Determination of vitamins in livestock also helps to develop better nutritional feeds and to explore disease, metabolism and other related mechanisms. In addition, vitamin analysis is needed to study the mechanisms of various human diseases and to facilitate drug development. With this in mind, Creative Proteomics continues to optimize and offer quantitative vitamin analysis services based on our cutting-edge platform in a reliable and efficient manner,” said a senior scientist of Creative Proteomics.


“Creative Proteomics has adapted the AB Sciex QTRAP® 6500 LC-MS/MS platform, and enabled the quantitative and qualitative analysis of a wide range of vitamins and analogs, where 95% of the substances involved are quantified using the internal standards and isotopic standards. Our leading-edge technology as well as best-in-class R&D and manufacturing facilities are here to help you plan, conduct, and report metabolomics discoveries, making your upstream and downstream experiments seamless,” he added.


The primary instruments at Creative Proteomics Metabolomics include the AN Sciex Qtrap 6500 Plus, AB 5600 Triple TOF, Agilent 7890-5977, and Thermo TSQTM 9000. Creative Proteomics has profound industry and business process expertise, vast global resources, and a high reputation for providing contract services specializing in metabolomics.


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