VisualDx Partners with American College of Emergency Physicians to Build Library of Monkeypox Images Global Leader in Web-Based Clinical Decision Support to Launch Monkeypox Emergency Medicine Project to Help Clinicians with Diagnosis and Treatment

September 27, 2022

ROCHESTER, NY – SEPTEMBER 28, 2022 – Ahead of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Scientific Assembly (October 1-4), VisualDx today announced a collaboration with ACEP to create the Monkeypox Emergency Medicine Project, a physician-sourced collection of monkeypox images. By offering access to images of varying disease presentations on real patients, VisualDx and ACEP are helping to further educate and prepare emergency physicians to test, diagnose, and treat the emergent disease. 

As monkeypox cases grow rapidly and different manifestations of the disease appear, emergency clinicians are on the frontlines of a new global health crisis. The MonkeypoxmEmergency Medicine Project provides a medically backed, up-to-date resource for physicians to study the virus, stay informed on new symptoms and cases, and make timely and evidence-based clinical decisions to improve outcomes across patient populations.  

“From the start of the monkeypox outbreak, physicians have needed more and more information on this rare disease that, prior to a few months ago, many doctors had only read about in textbooks,” said Art Papier, MD, CEO of VisualDx. “Empowering physicians with quality images and medical information is critical for supporting clinical decision-making and improved outcomes, especially in times like this. VisualDx and ACEP are launching this image project to help the healthcare community best surmount this latest challenge and deliver quality care to all patients.” 

Images in the Monkeypox Emergency Medicine Project will be accessible to ACEP members as well as other users of the VisualDx platform. Clinicians can access the database for support with recognition, diagnosis, and treatment of the disease, as well as patient education and communication. This project is the latest effort from VisualDx to tap into the power of visualization to optimize clinical decision-making and patient care across all populations, including marginalized groups. The company was founded 20 years ago with a mission to give medical practitioners and students access to diverse images and other resources to further medical education and patient health. 

“We are sharing the images in hopes of raising clinician awareness of this emerging disease,” said Drs. Jaionn Griner and Andrew Mittelman, emergency medicine physicians in Boston and early contributors to the image collection. “As we saw with Covid, rapid access to up-to-date information is the best asset that providers can bring to the bedside. Like with all forms of healthcare, monkeypox disproportionately burdens those who are stigmatized, marginalized, or otherwise victimized by social determinants of health. Through rapid distribution and education, our hope is to further break down barriers to patients receiving prompt and equitable treatment.” 

VisualDx is exhibiting at the ACEP Scientific Assemblyfrom October 1-4 in San Francisco. To learn more about VisualDx, stop by booth 1012 or visit  

For ACEP members and emergency physicians interested in joining the Monkeypox Emergency Medicine Project effort and contributing medical photos, please visit 

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