CD Formulation Plays a Role in Developing Drug Delivery Systems

October 9, 2022

Always at the forefront of innovation, CD Formulation continues to be a trustworthy CRO partner for pharmaceutical companies around the world. With unstopping efforts to expand its service portfolio, earlier this month, CD Formulation proudly announced the launch of drug delivery system development services, a move made not only to meet customers' drug development needs but also to exceed their expectations.


Choosing the most appropriate delivery system has tremendous benefits, including but not limited to controlled release of drugs, enhanced drug targeting, improved solubility and bioavailability of drugs.


In the past decade, several new drug delivery systems have been formulated, in the hope to provide promising alternative routes to the current popular drug delivery systems. “With technological advances, unremitting efforts and hard work, now a wide range of other molecules such as liposomes, microspheres, and several nanoparticles have been researched for possibilities to be used in drug deliveryAmong them, nanoparticles composed of biodegradable polymers are viewed as most promising as they have shown assurance in fulfilling the stringent requirements placed on delivery systems, says one of the senior scientists from CD Formulation. 


As for now, CD Formulation is capable of conducting the following services upon customers' requests:


  • Microneedle Technology Services
  • Oral Thin Films Technology Services
  • Transdermal Patches Drug Delivery System Services
  • Microencapsulation Technology Services
  • Nanoparticle Development Services for Drug Delivery System
  • Microparticle Depots Design and Development Services
  • Microsphere Technology Development Services
  • Multiparticulate System Formulation Development Services
  • GalNAc (N-acetylgalactosamine) Coupling Modification Services


In drug design, all factors influencing the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of drug molecules should be carefully considered. Moreover, to improve the therapeutic effect at the intended site of action and to minimizpossible adverse effects, the option of drug delivery technique is of huge importance. It is even no exaggeration to say that the benefits brought by the most suitable delivery system are beyond measure, the Marketing Manager of CD Formulation further added.


CD Formulation aims to facilitate the research and development of novel high-end drug delivery systems to improve the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs. Please visi to explore more of CD Formulation's drug delivery system development capabilities.



Over the past few years, CD Formulation has wholeheartedly served as a trustworthy custom service provider for the pharmaceutical industry, providing drug pre-formulation, drug analysis, solubility improvement and bioavailability enhancement services. Luckily, it has made commendable achievements owing to its strong expertise and profound professionalism. Encouraged by these positive results as well as persistent trust from its partners, the company aims to provide a more comprehensive service portfolio for its valued customers worldwide in the days to come.