Nanoparticle Development Services for Drug Delivery System Research

October 31, 2022

With the boom of nanotechnology, a growing number of nanomaterials have been applied to the pharmaceutical industry. For instance, nanoparticle-based drug delivery has become research of interest. More recently, CD Formulation, a trust worthy CRO partner for pharmaceutical companies worldwide, announced its commitment to developing suitable drug carriers by incorporating the power of nanotechnology.


Compared with conventional drugs, nanoparticle-based drug delivery has obvious advantages in terms of stability, biocompatibility, permeability, retention effect, and precise targeting. In short, drugs adopting nanoparticle-based delivery can achieve the goal of precise medicines, i.e., being site-specific and target-oriented.


“Nanoparticles play a significant role in the drug delivery systems. In the last decade, the application and development of hybrid nanoparticles have led drug-carrier system to the next level as this model combines properties of different nanoparticles,” said one of the senior scientists from CD Formulation. “Though the science of nano-based drug delivery system is relatively new, it develops rapidly, serving not only as therapeutic agent deliverer but also as means of diagnostic tools.”


Carriers used for targeted drug delivery include liposomes, polymers, inorganic nanoparticles, protein-based nanoparticles, etc. 


As for now, CD Formulation is capable of designing, customizing, optimizing, and providing product solutions for nanoparticle-based drug delivery upon customers’ requests:



Meanwhile, CD Formulation also offers a variety of nanoparticle testing and characterization services using approaches like SEM, TEM, AFM, and X-ray diffraction.


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Over the past few years, CD Formulation has been trusted by clients as a reliable custom service provider, offering drug pre-formulation, drug analysis, solubility improvement, bioavailability enhancement, and drug packaging services for the pharmaceutical industry. Luckily, it has made commendable achievements owing to its strong expertise and profound professionalism. Encouraged by these positive results, the company makes a persistent endeavor to enrich its service portfolios. Recently, it noticed the attractiveness of the combined use of nanoscience along with bioactive natural compounds and decided to start to offer nanoparticle-based drug delivery services.