BOC Sciences Makes Easy Access to Polymerization Tech

November 1, 2022

BOC Sciences thoroughly understands the significance of polymers in the chemical industry. Therefore, it has invested much energy in developing polymerization expertise, namely polymer synthesis technologies, and fortunately has obtained some accomplishments.


The currently available services at BOC Sciences encompass atom transfer radical polymerization, free radical polymerization, reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer polymerization, and more. Currently, a total number of eight options are offered, able to meet most research or commercialization needs.  


The customer-oriented chemical company also makes customization possible. "We welcome customers who have specific requirements for polymerization to consult our support team," the sales manager of BOC Sciences added, "the entire custom synthesis process begins with clients initiating an inquiry that specifies their requirements and desired goals. Then the well-trained BOC Sciences team will take care of all the rest work with rapid advances."


BOC Sciences' outstanding polymerization abilities derive nowhere but from years of tech accumulation in polymer science. Apart from synthesis services, BOC Sciences' technologies of polymer characterization, modification, isolation, and purification are gradually approaching a level of near perfection, which will undoubtedly speed up the progress of polymer R&D.


Another noteworthy point is that BOC Sciences has a set of established analytical systems, which is a powerful guarantee of the final product quality. It's commonplace that polymer scientists or manufacturers are always under the pressure of quality control and analysis. They may have limited access to certain instruments, or their facilities are too overloaded to execute precise analyses. Anyway, BOC Sciences' professional and all-rounded analytical abilities can economically solve problems and pull them out of the mire.


It was announced early on that BOC Sciences is competent to synthesize Polylactides & other Biodegradable Polymers, Epoxy Resins, Silicones, Polyphosphazenes, etc. (All available options are listed at Along with the development in its polymer technologies, a larger number of products will be added to this list. The market is also keeping an eye on the progress.



BOC Sciences has an experienced R&D team, advanced polymer technologies, and a customer-oriented service center, which in combination compose the respectable chemical brand. BOC Sciences leadership is now aiming higher to build a more efficient and comprehensive polymer platform that could better serve the increasing market needs.