Creative BioMart Provides MHC Solutions for Cell Therapy & Vaccine Development

November 6, 2022

Creative BioMart, a biotechnology company that offers a wide range of solutions dedicated to helping researchers and pharmaceutical companies discover and develop novel drugs in the treatment of cancer, autoimmune diseases, etc., now offers MHC solutions for cell therapy and vaccine development.


According to the official speaker from Creative BioMart, based on MHC-like complexes that can directly identify and isolate antigen-specific T cells or screen and identify MHC-like antigens that can be used for vaccine development, the company can provide two therapeutic development services: cell therapy and vaccine development.


Service Range

MHC Neoepitopes Discovery

For the development of therapeutic cancer vaccines and T-cell therapies, as well as an ever-growing neoepitope dataset for client program development, immunogenic neoepitopes are selected, characterized, and monitored in studies.


Cancer Vaccine Development Based on pMHC

Cancer vaccines to enhance the immune response, target tumor-specific mutations not present in normal tissues, and eradicate tumors.


Vaccine Development Based on VLPs with MHC Complex

To demonstrate and deliver specific tumor-associated MHC complex antigens and create more scalable and safe cancer vaccines, VLPs are used as particle scaffolds.


Cell Therapy Discovery Based on TCR-pMHC

Platform for quickly and efficiently detecting TCR-pMHC interactions.


Service Advantages

MHC immunopeptidomic analysis technology for the discovery of tumor-specific neoantigens

Diversified solutions for various cancer types including liver, cervical, and breast caner

More sensitive, stable and quantitative workflow

Comprehensive in-house tools like MHC binding experiments, MHC binding prediction tools, T-cell immunogenicity prediction tools, etc.


“We provide comprehensive and extensive research for mass immunotherapy development in the MHC analysis field. And we believe that our cutting-edge technology and diverse product offering can provide a valuable resource and new insights into personalized immunotherapy for cancer.” Commented Linna, the chief marketing staff at Creative BioMart.


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