CD Formulation Launches GalNAc Coupling Modification Services for the Development of Drug Delivery Systems

November 14, 2022

Over the past decade, the CD Formulations expert team has made tireless efforts in the research and development of drug delivery systems, trying to improve the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs. In order to achieve the optimal therapeutic effect, the required dose must be delivered at the target site at the appropriate time and rate.


We have developed various drug delivery technologies, including Microneedle Technology, Oral Thin Films Technology, Microencapsulation Technology, Nanoparticle Development, Microparticle Depots Design, Microsphere Technology, Multiparticulate System Formulation, and GalNAc Technology, to improve the therapeutic effect and minimize possible adverse effects at the same time, said one of the senior scientists from CD Formulation. “And we found that GalNAc delivery is quite advantageous in terms of subcutaneous administration, duration of action, specificity of hepatic targeting, and toxicity.


As for now, CD Formulation is capable of providing customers with proven GalNAc delivery molecule synthesis and custom synthesis services for various modified GalNAc molecules, as well as a one-stop service for GalNAc-siRNA splice synthesis.


Coupling GalNAc to small nucleic acid molecules can help to target binding to hepatocytes. After that, the GalNAc nucleic acid couples are taken up by hepatocytes under endocytosis, thus achieving a high degree of liver-targeted specificity for delivery. In addition, GalNAc modification also contributes to the lower occurrence of off-target tissues for drugs.


With extensive experience in GalNAc coupling modification, CD Formulation now offers two major custom GalNAc molecular modification services, i.e., GalNAc-antisense nucleic acid (ASO) and GalNAc-siRNA.


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Thanks to its robust expertise and profound professionalism, CD Formulation has now become a reliable partner for some pharmaceutical companies to solve drug formulation-related challenges. Through countless hard work, the company has achieved a lot in areas like drug pre-formulation, drug analysis, solubility improvement, bioavailability enhancement, and drug packaging. In the years to come, CD Formulation will continue to expand its service portfolios, aiming to bring a better outcome for all its customers.