Vaxess Adds Fenel Eloi to Board of Directors

November 28, 2022

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. November 29, 2022, — Vaxess Technologies, Inc., a life sciences company developing a shelf-stable, sustained-release vaccine patch, today announced that Fenel Eloi has joined Vaxess’ board of directors. 

“In the not-too-distant future, people will no longer associate vaccines with a trip to a clinic, and a needle and syringe,” said Michael Schrader, CEO and co-founder of Vaxess. “Instead, people will put on a Vaxess vaccine patch from the comfort of their homes. Fenel has shown extraordinary leadership throughout his career in bringing life science innovations to the market, and he will provide invaluable guidance to Vaxess as our team moves towards commercialization.” 

Fenel Eloi brings to Vaxess more than 30 years experience as a leader in the life sciences industry. He’s currently managing partner of P&M capital partners, a private angel investment firm. Previously, Eloi was the Chief Financial Officer and then Chief Operating Officer of Cell Signaling Technology, Inc., a privately held life sciences company, where he oversaw significant growth of the business over a period of 12 years and provided leadership in the transformation of the company to a global operation. Prior to that, Eloi was the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Interleukin Genetics, Inc., a formerly NASDAQ-listed diagnostic company. Additional positions included Chief Financial Officer at LifeCell Corp and Genome Therapeutics Corp, both formerly NASDAQ-listed companies.   

In addition to his board role with Vaxess, Eloi currently serves on the board of directors of MitoTherapeutix, a privately held drug development biotech company; Ultivue, Inc., a biotechnology company that specializes in tissue imaging, diagnostics, and multiplexing; 908 Devices, Inc., a publicly-traded mass spectrometry device company; and VIC, a technology venture development company for high impact life science ventures. Eloi previously served on the board of Cell Signaling Technology, Inc., a reagents company, and BioHelix Corporation, a diagnostics company.

“While we’ve seen significant progress in how vaccines are formulated in recent years, there is much work to be done in how vaccines are distributed and administered,” said Eloi. “Vaxess is well-positioned to completely change how millions of people around the world receive vaccines. I am looking forward to working with Vaxess’ incredible team and board of directors.” 

Eloi is joining Vaxess’ Board of Directors during a time of significant growth for the company. Recently, Vaxess announced $27 million in Series B funding, launched a phase 1 trial for the H1 influenza vaccine delivered by VX-103 (a MIMIX Array Patch System), and announced a series of leadership additions

About Vaxess Technologies

Vaxess Technologies is developing the MIMIX™ sustained release patch technology, the easiest and most effective way to administer vaccines and therapeutics. For vaccines, the controlled release simulates the pace of a natural infection, helping the body produce a slow, strong, and enduring ramp-up of immune response, ultimately boosting a vaccine’s effectiveness. Engineered for stability, Vaxess’s patch does not require refrigeration and can be shipped to and applied in low resource settings.

Vaxess has received grant and venture capital funding from groups such as RA Capital, The Engine, BARDA, DARPA, NIH, NSF and the Gates Foundation. For more information, please visit the company website at or send additional inquiries to