OncoDxRx’s One-Of-A-Kind Liquid Biopsy PGA Platform Backed by Comprehensive Cancer Pathway Profiling

January 15, 2023

OncoDxRx’s PGA (Patient-derived Gene expression-informed Anti-cancer drug efficacy) precision oncology solutions enhance decision support by combining proprietary technologies, liquid biopsy, RT-qPCR systems, and in silico analytical sets, with anti-cancer drug databases. This outputs actionable oncology treatment options and insights to improve overall patient care for those who are currently out of precision medicine option.  

PGA measure the expression levels of a panel of cancer type-specific genes in a single assay, simply and reliably. These biomarkers were profiled and selected among 9 major cancer pathways (or functional clusters) include immune response, transcription factors, DNA repair, oncogenesis, tumor metastasis, TP53 signaling, MAP kinases, cell surface markers and DNA methylation.

By combining highly multiplexed RT-qPCR amplification with the depth and quantification precision, the PGA plasma-based expression profiling assay provides convenient, comprehensive, highly sensitive, and quantitative measurement of gene expression from only half milliliter of plasma and without costly and lengthy bioinformatic involvement.

PGA can select optimal treatment regimen among hundreds of anti-cancer drugs for individual patients based on patients’ own gene expression signatures and deliver personalized anti-cancer drug efficacy data within 5 days, compared to 2-3 months with PDX/PDO (patient-derived xenograft or organoids) models.

Most importantly, only 20-30% of cancer population qualified for precision/personalized medicine, PGA will provide tailored precise treatment for the rest 70-80% patients that NGS or dPCR can’t, thus completing the puzzle and test menu, and benefiting the entire cancer population.

Key Differentiators of PGA:

-CLIA and CAP validated to mitigate risk

-Quick and easy to implement

-No extra capital expenditures

-Ready for technology transfer; Lab ready

-Addressing the biggest opportunities

-IP, knowhow and trade secret protection

-High technology barrier

-Limited competition (Exclusiveness)

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