Creative Biogene Launches Bioproduction Cell Line Development to Support The Process of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

February 1, 2023

Creative Biogene, the leading biotechnology products and services provider, is dedicated to developing proprietary technology to support research in the field of basic life sciences research. Creative Biogene is leveraging its technological expertise to provide cell engineering tools and services to its customers in several key areas of the therapeutic ecosystem including but not limited to drug discovery and development and therapeutic applications. Recently, Creative Biogene announced the release of its bioproduction cell line development services to support the process of biopharmaceutical manufacturing.


Creative Biogene has been committed to building an End-to-End cell line development platform for nearly ten years, from vector design and construction to cell line screening and characterization to upstream and downstream process development, greatly expanding its ability to obtain high-performance cell lines with certain desired properties.


Creative Biogene's bioproduction cell line development services can help provide a solid foundation for the successful development and manufacture of biologics such as biosimilars, enzymes, cytokines, antibodies, vaccines and other recombinant proteins. Creative Biogene's dedicated bioproduction cell line engineering team uses state-of-the-art CRISPR-based platforms to meet cell line editing requirements with high precision and speed.


Plasmid DNA serves as the starting material for virtually all genetic engineering research and is a critical starting point for many therapeutic strategies, including gene therapy, cell therapy, and the development of recombinant proteins, cytokines, vaccines, and DNA/RNA-based biotherapeutics.


Starting with high-quality raw materials early helps shorten the time and reduces the risk of duplication of work due to material changeovers and inconsistent material quality. Creative Biogene's plasmid DNA CDMO service can fill the gap by delivering high-quality plasmid DNA with high lot-to-lot consistency.


Creative Biogene's cGMP manufacturing and QC analysis capabilities can ensure the supply of high-quality materials in various grades required for AAV and lentiviral vector production, mRNA in vitro transcription, direct gene transfer and more.


“We have extensive experience and expertise in the large-scale production of plasmid DNA for a variety of uses.” said Marcia Brady, the marketing director of Creative Biogene, she also added, “We produce GMP plasmid DNA starting material for the production of viral vectors or in vitro transcribed RNA (IVT-RNA).


About Creative Biogene

Creative Biogene, as a top-of-its-kind company that holds a leading position and is committed to accelerating the development of human science through biotechnology, offering innovative technologies, products, unique tools and services for research discoveries and product development. With more than 10 years of experience and in-house experts, Creative Biogene has become a well-recognized industry leader to support researchers worldwide.