Creative Biogene Release Fungal ITS Sequencing to Support Microbial Identification

February 1, 2023

Microbialtec, the mature division of Creative Biogene specialized in microbiological research-related issues. Microbialtec supplies customers with an overall microbiological research program: including sample collection, preservation methods, preliminary experiments and effect evaluation, experiments, and data analysis. With years of experience and expertise, Microbialtec is dedicated to assisting researchers to make better use of microbial resources. Recently, Microbialtec announced the release of its fungal its sequencing to support microbial identification.

Because ITS sequence analysis can fully reflect the base pair differences among genera, species, and strains, and the ITS sequence fragments are small and easy to analyze, it is widely used in phylogenetic research among different species of fungi. The fungal ITS identification service provided by Creative Biogene includes sequence amplification of ITS1, ITS4, and ITS5, the connection of T vector and sequencing identification, sequencing comparison analysis, etc.

Creative Biogene is an expert in microbial identification services and has accumulated many years of fungal ITS sequencing experience. The advanced sequencing platform ensures efficient and standard service processes, high-quality experimental data and comprehensive bioinformatics analysis for customers, and the available services include fungal DNA extraction, PCR amplification, purification, sequencing and analysis.

In addition, Creative Biogene's bacterial 16S sequencing has been widely used in bacterial identification and phylogenetic studies. Powerful sequencing platforms and professional analysis services can help quickly solve bacterial 16S sequencing problems. 18SrRNA gene has been widely used in the identification of eukaryotic microorganisms such as microalgae and protozoa and the study of molecular systematics. Creative Biogene's integrated 18S rRNA sequencing platform combines advanced sequencing technology and q-PCR to accurately analyze the 18S rRNA gene.

Identification and typing of bacteria or fungi can be expensive and time-consuming due to the growth time of microorganisms and laboratory work. Creative Biogene provides GMP-compliant microbial identification services using proven innovative technologies.

“We have experienced researchers and advanced sequencing platforms, and will customize experimental protocols according to your requirements.” said Marcia Brady, the marketing director of Creative Biogene, she also added, “Our services enable the scientific analysis of the biodiversity of these microorganisms to better understand their function and exploit it.”

About Microbialtec Platform
As a division of Creative Biogene, Microbialtec platform has an experienced technical team involving molecular biology, medicine, bioinformatics, and statistical ecology. With 10 years of front-line scientific research experience, Creative Biogene supports customers with an overall microbiological research program and is capable to satisfy customized needs at affordable prices.