Matexcel Expands Its Offerings for Ni-based Metal Powder

February 26, 2023

Matexcel, one of the leading service providers in material science, recently extended its range of Ni-based metal powder products to meet rising needs of its customers’.


In the power, chemical, and petrochemical industries, nickel alloys can be used in extremely corrosive environments. Furthermore, nickel-based superalloys, which are made by alloying nickel with cobalt, chromium, aluminum, titanium, and other refractory elements, have excellent high temperature properties. Directionally solidified superalloys have a high strength at 1000 °C and are suitable for the hottest parts of aircraft power generation gas turbines. In contrast to austenitic stainless steels, which are known to be highly susceptible to pitting corrosion in chloride ions, nickel alloys are corrosion resistant to aqueous halide solutions. Nickel's corrosion resistance is due to its lower reactivity than iron or its alloys.


Matexcel is professional in powder metallurgy research and development, metal processing, and additive manufacturing. The company offers both hybrid water-gas atomization and plasma atomization techniques to meet different customers’ needs. To ensure high quality and consistency of the final products, a modernized testing laboratory, advanced production equipment, and standard production technology are equipped.


Now, Matexcel provides multi-functional Ni-based alloys, from fine powders to nanostructured forms, including: Nickel-based Hastelloy X Powder, Nickel-based Hastelloy C Powder, Nickel-based Invar Powder, Nickel-based Kovar Powder, Nickel-based GH3533 Powder,   Nickel-based GH3536 Powder, Nickel-based K403 Powder, Nickel-based GH1131 Powder, Nickel-based IN625 (GH3625) Powder, Nickel-based IN718 (GH4169) Powder, etc.


Brief introduction about one of the products mentioned above:

Cat. No. 


Product Name    

Nickel-based Hastelloy C Powder

Particle Size 

0-15μm, 15-45μm, 20-63μm, 45-150μm

Chemical Composition %   

Cr 15-16.5; Mo 15-17; Fe 40; W 3-4.5; Co 1.5-2.5


Matexcel manufactures a wide range of pure metals as well as alloy powders, including cobalt, nickel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and chrome-cobalt based alloy powders, etc. To know more details about the Ni-based metal powder products offered by Matexcel, please visit