OncoDxRx’s PGA — the world-first platform bridging cell-free mRNA expression to therapies

March 5, 2023

The suite of OncoDxRx’s pharmacogenomic gene-to-drug solution, PGA (Patient-derived Gene expression-informed Anti-cancer drug efficacy), consists of three elements: a cancer type-specific gene expression panel, a set of proprietary in silico screening and matching computation, and an integrated curation tool to create a drug sensitivity ranking report. PGA platform provides the greatest level of personalization at the fastest turnaround possible.

The patient-specific gene expression signature expands on the technology of multiplex qPCR to measure a panel of cell-free mRNA biomarkers, then overlays and matches the pattern through use of digital computation and analysis.

Capable of quantifying RNA expression from patient’s plasma across broad dynamic ranges, PGA technology complements the capacity of next-generation sequencing (NGS) by expanding precise personalized medicine to cancer patients without actionable genetic alteration. PGA platforms also have linkage to integrate robotics, further shortening the time needed to glean efficacy results from precious plasma samples. 

With the ability to analyze gene expression profiles of targeted transcripts from multiple patients in a single run, PGA ensures no important biological data is missed. Already the most unique cfmRNA platform, the PGA can classify cancer type, patient state, cellular function, and cell-to-cell interaction in a plasma sample by capturing and segregating gene expression patterns. 

OncoDxRx considers that PGA is the natural solution to fill the gap of current precision oncology testing workup, because it combines:

Liquid biopsy: provides non-invasive, longitudinal, real-time and tumor clonal dada; 

Specificity: plasma transcriptomic profiling establishes cancer type-specific biomarkers covering nine major cancer pathways; 

Personalization: pharmacogenomic breakthrough bridges patient-derived gene expression signature to drug efficacy for the first time;

Messenger RNA: capture relevant signals from both tumor and non-tumor tissues including tumor microenvironment, immune system and blood vessel functionality;          
Five-day turnaround: a high throughput and automated workflow from sample to report, from in vitro to in silico analysis. 

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Dr. Chun Hung Yip