Biopharma PEG To Attend PEGS Boston Summit 2023

March 11, 2023

Biopharma PEG Scientific Inc. is a biotechnology-oriented company that dedicated to supplying high purity monodispersed and polydispersed polyethylene glycol (PEG) derivatives and PEG raw material, PEGylation services, and custom PEG derivative synthesis to clients worldwide. It announced that members of its Senior Management Team are scheduled to participate in the coming PEGS Boston Summit 2023 in May at HYNES CONVENTION CENTER & VIRTUAL, BOSTON, MA.


We continuously expand the capability to provide large-scale manufacture of high-purity PEG derivatives with an extensive variety of functional groups, in both non-GMP and GMP grades. These PEG linkers have been widely used in bioconjugation, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) therapeutic, click chemistry, PROTAC, 3D bioprinting, drug delivery and diagnostics field, etc.


Basic Information about the PEGS Boston Summit 2023


Date: 15-19 May, 2023

Booth No.: 212



We are very glad that we will attend the PEGS Boston Summit 2023. We are looking forward to face-to-face communication with our customers, said the Marketing Chief of Biopharma PEG. “Biopharma PEG team owns the most qualified and talented synthetic and medicinal chemists. We will also demonstrate our competitive advantages to customers from all over the world at the conference.


1.5000+ monodispersed and polydispersed PEG derivatives with multi-functional groups.  2.Integrated production line and quality management system from PEGs raw materials production, trial production, pilot production and GMP commercial supplying. 3.Single-selective PEGylation solutions based on site-specific modification construction, PEG double linker construction, and multi-active site drugs.