Orbita and Isabel Healthcare improve provider websites, patient experience

March 13, 2023

Orbita and Isabel Healthcare Partner to Deliver Advanced ‘Find Care’ Search and

Symptom Triage to Streamline Patient Access

Integrated functionality improves the patient experience with provider websites and the digital front door


Ann Arbor, MI and Boston, MA – March 14, 2023Orbita, a leading provider of intelligent virtual assistants and workflow automation for healthcare, has partnered with Isabel Healthcare, a global company that delivers clinical reasoning tools for providers and a Symptom Checker/Triage for patients. Isabel’s Symptom Checker/Triage utilizes every-day language to help patients access appropriate care with the right urgency.

Today, 70% of patients use digital tools when searching for providers, with 38% specifically visiting a provider’s website before scheduling care. However, patients often don’t know what to look for or how to focus their search, much less whether their current symptoms can be assessed at a next-day primary care visit or virtual visit – or more immediately at urgent care or the emergency room.

The Orbita Blaze “find care” solution, leveraging Isabel’s sophisticated triage algorithms, guides patients to an appropriate care setting by eliciting important information through a brief dialog. A smart virtual assistant poses questions in a conversational manner – asking about the patient’s location or insurer, for instance, and the severity of their symptoms – and then accurately and efficiently suggests next steps. 


“Like Isabel, Orbita prioritizes the patient experience,” said Isabel Healthcare CEO Don Bauman. “We are each contributing innovative technology to help providers achieve success on their digital-first journey. Our focus will continue to be on empathy and ensuring a consumer-friendly experience, as well as delivering accurate and relevant information to patients.”

“Isabel shares Orbita’s commitment to meet patients 'where they are' so they can quickly and easily find information to make better decisions about their healthcare,” said Orbita CEO Patty Riskind. “With Orbita and Isabel combining forces, we bring the best symptom checker and best conversational virtual assistant together. Providers today are striving to do more with less, and our solutions allow for a better patient experience and reduced administrative burden on staff.


Isabel Healthcare Inc. was founded in 2000 by Jason Maude and is named after Maude’s daughter who almost died after a potentially fatal illness was not recognized. With its unique AI, the curated machine learning engine has been tuned and refined over 20 years. Isabel Healthcare is the global leader in providing tools to support both clinicians and patients in making decisions about diagnosis and where to seek care. Connect with us at http://www.isabelhealthcare.com, or 734-332-0612.



Orbita is the connective tissue between providers and patients, to make navigating healthcare easier. We partner with healthcare organizations to implement smart virtual assistants, powered by conversational AI, that engage patients across web, text and voice channels. Our solutions – which meet critical privacy and security standards – help providers improve operational efficiency by automating workflows as they face the challenges of labor shortages, while also capturing revenue generated by routine, chronic and preventative care. Visit Orbita.ai.