Alfa Chemistry Renews Supply of Rare Earth Acetates

March 21, 2023

Over the past two decades, an explosive increase in the demand for rare earth metals has been revealed as they are extensively used in different applications, including but not limited to computer memory devices, DVDs, rechargeable batteries, magnets, and catalytic converters. Fully devoted to introducing a diverse range of chemicals, Alfa Chemistry recently unveiled a new website, from which clients can easily access rare earth acetates as well as various other rare earth metals.


Rare earth acetate is a compound containing one or more rare earth elements and acetate. There are individual rare earth acetate and mixed rare earth acetate, with the former containing one rare earth element as acetate and the latter containing two or more rare earth elements as acetates.


“Being at its crystalline state, rare earth acetate contains crystallization water and is soluble in aqueous solutions,” said the spokesperson from Alfa Chemistry. “The use of rare earth-acetate enables relatively high levels of rare earth binding to higher affinity binding sites. Currently, the most commonly seen rare earth acetates include Y(C2H3O2)3, Ce(C2H3O2)3, Pr(C2H3O2)3, Nd(C2H3O2)3, and Sm(C2H3O2)3.”


Below are some of the rare earth acetates provided by Alfa Chemistry:


Terbium(III) Acetate Hydrate (CAS 100587-92-6), Gadolinium Acetate (CAS 100587-93-7), Gadolinium(III) Acetate Tetrahydrate (CAS 15280-53-2), Dysprosium Acetate (CAS 15280-55-4), Erbium Acetate (CAS 15280-57-6), Ytterbium Acetate (CAS 15280-58-7), Praseodymium Acetate (CAS 1567-96-4), Gadolinium Acetate Solution (CAS 16056-77-2), Terbium Acetate (CAS 16922-07-9), Cerium Acetate Hydrate (CAS 17829-82-2), Samarium Acetate Solution (CAS 17829-86-6), Lutetium Acetate (CAS 18779-08-3), Cerium Acetate Solution (CAS 206996-60-3), Lutetium Acetate Solution (CAS 207500-05-8), Yttrium Acetate (CAS 23363-14-6), etc.


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As a customers-first chemical supplier, Alfa Chemistry constantly intensifies its efforts to further enrich product and service portfolios, and a new rare earth metal sub-website was recently launched for such attempts. As for now, a comprehensive line of rare earth metals is supplied by Alfa Chemistry, which includes: Rare Earth Arsenate, Rare Earth Boride, Rare Earth Sulfide, Rare Earth Titanate, Rare Earth Tungstate, Rare Earth Vanadium Oxide, Rare Earth Evaporation Materials, and Rare Earth Fluoride. Generally, a small addition of rare metals can greatly enhance the mechanical, magnetical, optical, catalytic, and other properties of the final products. Therefore, researchers are now making full use of these rare earth elements in applications like metallurgy, machinery, electronics, chemistry, petroleum, glass, ceramics, and agriculture.