CD Biosciences Established An Automated System for The Identification of Potential Pro-longevity Compounds

May 6, 2023

C.elegans platform, the division of CD Biosciences, is dedicated to providing researchers with the most reliable research services including C. elegans genome editing, the construction of C. elegans stress response model, aging research, drug screening, and C. elegans biology among others. Based on a professional team with rich experience in the fields of C. elegans research and advanced instruments, CD Biosciences develops a series of systematic platforms and completes independent research. Recently, CD Biosciences announced the release of its pro-longevity compounds screening services to accelerate the discovery of potential life-extending compounds.


CD Biosciences has developed a new screening strategy for C. elegans to identify long-lived compounds. Mitochondria are highly dynamic organelles that play important roles in cellular homeostasis and body health. As mitochondrial degeneration is a central feature of normal aging, mitochondrial morphology undergoes concomitant changes over time. CD Biosciences utilized differential C. elegans phenotypic and biochemical changes associated with mild mitochondrial stress as surrogate markers to establish phenotype-based screens to identify mitochondria-targeted longevity-promoting compounds. C. elegans mitochondrial mutants were generated by subjecting different nuclear-encoded mitochondrial proteins to mild or intense doses of RNAi.


In addition, CD Biosciences developed an automated system based on the Cellomics ArrayScan® VTI HCS Reader imaging platform and Spot Detector. High-content screening (HCS) instruments have different BioApplications that can measure animal size (including area and length) as well as count and detect animals with specific phenotypes. Spot Detector quantifies the distribution and intensity of fluorescently tagged proteins in transgenic animals.


Despite the many experimental advantages of C. elegans, drug screening is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Recent advances in high-throughput workflows, imaging platforms, and data analysis software have made worms a viable option for automated high-throughput drug screening. CD Biosciences provides advanced instruments and optimal solutions to help customers with drug screening, including anti-infective compounds, anti-neurodegenerative disease drugs, and anti-cancer drugs. Additionally, CD Biosciences offers custom pipelines to identify drug targets and mechanisms.


“CD BioSciences is a dedicated provider of nematode model services. C. elegans is widely used in drug screening, including longevity compounds.” said Marcia Brady, the marketing director of CD Biosciences, she also added, In order to accelerate the discovery of potential life-extending compounds, we developed a novel strategy using nematode mitochondrial mutants and an automated microscopy platform.”


About CD BioSciences

CD BioSciences is dedicated to helping our clients to achieve effective and successful research. We aim to provide our customers with high-quality data delivery, in-depth scientific and technical support. Our professional team is capable to offer comprehensive and systematic services that contribute to the better use of C. elegans for researchers.