Endor Labs Receives Intellyx Digital Innovation Award

May 23, 2023

Endor Labs, creator of the Code Governance platform helping development and security teams maximize the use of open source software (OSS), has been named a winner of the 2023 Intellyx Digital Innovator Award. Created by Intellyx, an industry analysis and advisory firm focused on digital transformation, it recognizes technology providers who make it through the company’s rigorous briefing selection process – leading-edge vendors driving enterprise digital transformation.


“At Intellyx, we get dozens of PR pitches each day from a wide range of technology vendors,” said Jason Bloomberg, President of Intellyx. “We will only set up briefings with the most disruptive and innovative firms of the lot. That’s why it made sense for us to call out the companies that made the cut.”


Endor Labs meets this high standard with its dedication to enhancing security in the software supply chain by bringing a new level of transparency to the use of OSS in application development. There’s no question that OSS is an invaluable resource, which why 80% of the code in new apps comes from these repositories. However, developers select only a few of these personally (and manually); the rest are ‘indirect’ or ‘transitive’ dependencies automatically pulled into different projects. Developers don’t know where they came from, where and how they’re being used, and whether they’re truly secure. Endor Labs offers enhanced program and static analysis to prioritize exploitable dependencies, and creates an unprecedented signal for both security and operational risk. 


“Taking a brand new solution to market, and essentially creating a new technology category, requires a high level of education in our outreach,” said Varun Badhwar, co-founder and CEO of Endor Labs. “That’s just one reason why this recognition from Intellyx is so gratifying—it’s another sign that our message is getting through. We also see the other winners this year and in the past, and we know we’re in very good company. We thank Intellyx for this honor, and we pledge to keep innovating in this critical arena.”