CD Biosciences Launches C.elegans Proteins to Support Research in The Developmental Biology

June 5, 2023

C.elegans Platform, the professional division of CD Biosciences, is committed to providing researchers with the most reliable research services with comprehensive data analysis. With rich experience in the fields of C. elegans research and advanced instruments, CD BioSciences develop a series of professional services including C. elegans genome editing, the construction of C. elegans stress response model, aging research, drug screening, and C. elegans biology. Recently, CD BioSciences announced the launch of its C.elegans proteins to support research in developmental biology.


GFP reporter transgene has become a major tool for expression pattern analysis in C. elegans because several features of the worm are particularly favorable for the use of optical methods. As a simple invertebrate, C. elegans is small and transparent, so GFP can be observed under non-confocal, conventional compound microscopes, as well as conventional dissecting microscopes equipped with fluorescent light sources. Another advantage of C. elegans is that the construction of transgenic worms expressing the GFP reporter can be easily manipulated and saves time. On the other hand, GFP has several advantages that cannot be replaced by other reporter gene tags. GFP enables the visualization of reporter gene expression in living animals, enabling visualization of processes in "real-time".


CD Biosciences offers an in vivo recombination method to generate GFP reporter gene constructs. This method relies on the fact that overlapping DNA fragments injected into nematodes will undergo efficient homologous recombination (regions of homology >500 bp). The strength of this approach lies not only in speed but also in its ability to handle genomic DNA of virtually unlimited size.


CD Biosciences provided transgenic worms expressing GFP fusion proteins by generating "complex arrays" which is formed by injecting the desired reporter gene together with a complex mixture of heterologous DNA. Furthermore, in addition to microinjection, a common technique used for DNA transformation, CD Biosciences also offers microparticle bombardment, a method of particle bombardment that provides low copy number reporter genes that are beneficial for increasing expression levels of reporter constructs.


Our recombinant proteins can be widely used in related research in the fields of developmental biology, genetics and neuroscience.” said Marcia Brady, the marketing director of CD Biosciences, she also added, “We are constantly striving to complement our product portfolio with novel products and technologies, and can also provide products and services that are unique to your research needs.”


About CD BioSciences

CD BioSciences is dedicated to helping our clients to achieve effective and successful research. We aim to providing our customers with high-quality data delivery, in-depth scientific and technical support. Our professional team is capable to offer comprehensive and systematic services that contribute to the better use of C. elegans for researchers.