Microbialtec Develops Custom Microbial Expression and Production Services with Cutting-edge Solutions

June 5, 2023

Microbialtec, the division of Creative Biogene, is experienced in microbiological research-related issues. Creative Biogene is capable to provide customers with an overall microbiological research program including sample collection, preservation methods, preliminary experiments and effect evaluation, experiments, and data analysis. Creative Biogene is dedicated to assisting researchers in exploring the hidden mysteries between microbes and the environment to make better use of microbial resources. Recently, Microbialtec announced the release of its microbial expression and production services to support research on sustainable microbial production.


Microbialtec has successfully delivered thousands of batches of recombinant proteins via the E. coli expression system. Escherichia coli is a well-known expression system that is easily genetically manipulated and supports low-cost and high-yield production of a wide range of recombinant proteins such as cytokines, enzymes, immunogens, and antibody fragments. Microbialtec has developed a specialized protein refolding technology for the recovery of biologically functional proteins from inclusion bodies, which can be used for large-scale production. Microbialtec's high-throughput E. coli platform provides a cost-effective option for small-scale expression, helping to expedite customers' target screening projects.


Yeast cell factory is an excellent production system that combines the advantages of prokaryotes, such as fast growth, high expression levels, ease of scale-up, inexpensive growth media, and ease of genetic manipulation, with the properties of eukaryotes, including leading secretion pathways corrects protein processing and post-translational modifications. Microbialtec can utilize Saccharomyces cerevisiae for yeast fermentation to produce biopharmaceuticals and Pichia pastoris, a robust yeast expression system that produces high levels of recombinant proteins. The Pichia system is stable, durable and cost-effective. Pichia grows on simple media and secretes small amounts of endogenous proteins, making it easier to recover and purify desired recombinant proteins from cell supernatants.


Microbialtec's manufacturing processes can be operated in multiple modes such as batch, fed-fed and perfusion, offering turnkey manufacturing including whole cell preparations, recombinant products from microbial hosts and naturally occurring cell products, processed either non-GMP or GMP conduct.


“We are committed to providing the best possible service to accelerate our clients' research goals.” said Marcia Brady, the marketing director of Creative Biogene, she also added, “We will customize solutions according to your needs, allowing you to enjoy a one-stop experience. “


About Microbialtec

As a division of Creative Biogene, Microbialtec platform has an experienced technical team involving molecular biology, medicine, bioinformatics, statistical ecology. With 10 years of front-line scientific research experience, Creative Biogene supports customers with an overall microbiological research program and is capable to satisfy customized needs at affordable prices.