Creative Biolabs' Exhibition at BIO 2023 Accomplished

June 15, 2023

From June 5 to June 8, the 2023 BIO International Convention took place, one of the largest gatherings in the biotechnology industry. Creative Biolabs was one of the thousands of exhibitors, having a team of seasoned scientists at booth 2548 networking with potential partners and clients from all over the world about their latest pivot antibody products and services.

"It was a tremendous event for the biotech business, giving us a chance to network with other experts in the field, find out about cutting-edge development, and demonstrate the value of our offerings to potential customers." A senior scientist at Creative Biolabs said, "I felt excited there, sharing our achievements and vision with the world. Many attendees who stopped by our booth expressed interest in working with us. During the event, we were able to have productive conversations and network with other influential people in our field."

Solutions that Creative Biolabs highlighted on site were around antibody R&D, such as antibody discovery for viral disease, autoantibody detection, and AI drug discovery.

"We provide virus-related antibody and peptide discovery services—utilizing a variety of immunization methods, including immunization with membrane proteins, immunization with virus-like particles (VLPs), and immunization with DNA—to produce potent anti-virus biomolecules. Holding expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to meet the unique requirements of our clients in anti-virus biomolecular development, we pay a particular emphasis on the production of neutralizing antibodies and the identification of functional peptides to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of viral infections."

Creative Biolabs also integrated artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning into its antibody service pipeline and launched AI-augmented antibody discovery, AI-based antibody screening, AI-based antibody engineering, and model training data services.

"With AI we've upgraded our system to a more powerful one that caters to the increasing demand for miscellaneous antibody modalities and handles them with as little cost and effort as possible." Commented the scientist.

Creative Biolabs' delegates also presented services for research on autoantibodies in front of the visitors, which associate with a wide range of disorders harassing human health, such as infections, autoimmune disorders, and cancers. The scientists presented tactics in autoantibody detection, profiling, affinity measurement, as well as epitope and paratope mapping.

"Our solutions cover diagnostics discovery of autoantibody-associated diseases." Noted by the scientist. "Take autoantibody microarray as an example, part of the NAA profiling, it critically applies to autoantigen specificity screening and thereby helps with disease biomarker determination."

As BIO 2023 dropped its curtain, Creative Biolabs got back to work straight away, meanwhile preparing for the subsequent exhibitions, hopefully to share more advances in its antibody-centered solutions.

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Creative Biolabs is a company that provides innovative drug discovery services covering non-IgG antibody, AI-based drug discovery, and ribosome research. In 2023, there will be several chances to see Creative Biolabs at global conferences in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.