Packaging Solutions Ensuring Product Integrity: Glass and Plastic Varieties

June 13, 2023

CD Formulation, a leading CRO service provider in the pharmaceutical formulation industry, has recently announced its latest expansion into the realm of glass and plastic packaging materials. This move is made because the company plans to further diversify its product lineup, in the hope to offer clients even more options.


For many manufacturers either in the health care or pharmaceutical industry, choosing the right packaging can be a critical part of the product development process. After all, the preservation of the stability and effectiveness of a product, protection from external forces, and safe usage all hinge on the packaging materials chosen.


To meet this demand, CD Formulation has expanded its range of available packaging materials, with options now including glass vials, bottles, and ampules, as well as a variety of plastic bottles and containers. All of these packaging materials are manufactured using high-quality materials and go through a rigorous testing process to ensure they meet CD Formulation's strict quality standards.


Below are some of the packaging materials that are readily available at CD Formulation:


Glass Packaging Materials

Just to name a few here: Amber Glass Reagent Bottle & Ground Stopper, Clear Glass Marlow Bottle, Clear Marlow Glass Bottle, Amber Glass Boston Round Bottle, Glass Sirop Bottles, Winchester Bottles, Glass Derma Bottles, Injection Bottles, Blue Glass Helmsley Bottles, Universal Clear Glass Bottle, OnePac Glass Bottles, Black Glass Dropper Bottle, Glass Dropper Bottles with Pipettes, Glass Ointment Jars, Injection Vials, Moulded Universal Vial, Snap Glass Top Vials, Tubular Diagnostic Screw Neck Vials, etc.


Plastic Packaging Materials

Just to name a few here: HDPE Snap-on Bottles, Leak-Resistant Narrow Mouth Bottles, Standard Snap Lock System HDPE Bottles, Pre-Capped White Plastic Ointment Jars, Twist Off Cap HDPE Bottles, Wide Mouth HDPE Bottle, Polyethylene Dropper Bottle, PE Dropper Bottles (LDPE), Dropper Bottles PET Plastic with Childproof Caps, PET Hand Sanitiser Bottle, PET Diagnostic Vials, PET Diagnostic Vials, Handwash Bottles, PET Media Bottles, PET Tablet Bottles, PET Ready to Use Vials, Polypropylene Ready to Fill Vials, etc.


In addition, the company offers a range of customized packaging options so that customers can choose the packaging that best suits their specific needs.


"We understand that for many of our customers, packaging is a critical part of their product," said a CD Formulation spokesperson. "That's why we decided to expand our product line and ensure that our packaging materials are of the highest quality. Whether you're producing a new drug or a dietary supplement, we have a packaging solution that will work for you."


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About CD Formulation

As a well-known organization with a strong reputation for its exceptional skills and professionalism, CD Formulation offers reliable CRO services to pharmaceutical firms, providing solutions to various drug formulation problems. Furthermore, it is a reputable supplier of cosmetic ingredients, food ingredients, excipients, and packaging materials. Adding high-quality packaging materials to its lineup of products and services makes it easier for manufacturers to create safe, effective pharmaceutical and healthcare products.