Alfa Chemistry Commenced Offering Nonlinear Crystals and Precision Optical Materials

June 16, 2023

Alfa Chemistry, a leading chemical supplier in the industry, has recently announced that it have commenced offering nonlinear crystals and precision optical materials for the nonlinear market. This new initiative by the company aims to provide advanced and high-quality solutions for the development of a range of nonlinear optical devices.


“Our new venture into the nonlinear optical market is purposed to meet the growing demand for nonlinear optical devices across various industries, including telecommunications, aerospace, and medical fields,” said the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry. “We are excited to commence the offering of nonlinear crystals and precision optical materials to the industry. Our deep expertise in the field of nonlinear optics, along with our robust research and development capabilities, enables us to produce custom-made products that meet our customers' specific requirements."


Nonlinear crystals have been utilized as harmonic generators or frequency converters for lasers, optical parametric oscillators, Q-switches, etc. Laser crystals are employed as a medium for producing laser light when pumped by energy sources. Below are the main types of crystals and optical materials available at Alfa Chemistry:


  • ND:YAG Laser Line Components, including: ND:YAG Laser Line Polarizing Optics, ND:YAG Laser Line Windows, and ND:YAG Laser Mirrors.
  • Nonlinear and Laser Crystals, including: Laser Crystals, and Nonlinear Crystals.
  • Photonic and Optical Materials, including: DCM Dyes, Coumarin Dyes, Cyanine and Squarylium Dyes, Dipyrromethene Dyes, Heat Sensitive and Pressure Sensitive Dyes, Near-Infrared Dyes, Organic NLO Materials, Perylene Dyes, Photochromic Dyes, Phthalocyanine and Porphyrin Dyes, Quinacridone Dyes, Visible Light Photoredox Catalysts, and Xanthene Dyes.
  • Precision Optical Materials, including: Laser Optics, Polarization Optics, and UV and IR Optics.
  • Other Optical Crystals, including: Birefringent Crystals, Cross Polarized Wave Generating Crystal, Crystal Holders, Passive Q-Switch Crystals, Photorefractive Crystals, Raman Crystals, and Scintillation Crystals.


Meanwhile, Alfa Chemistry's comprehensive research and development capabilities will help customers achieve new technological breakthroughs by providing tailor-made, advanced, high-performance optical and nonlinear materials. The team is also well-prepared to offer consultation and co-development services for optical technologies.


"Our team of experts is skilled in the synthesis and characterization of nonlinear crystals and can provide customized solutions based on specific customer needs. In summary, we are committed to working closely with customers to develop innovative and cost-effective products and solutions in many fields, such as academia and research, the medical industry, the UVC disinfection industry, biotechnology, instrumentation, electron and optoelectronic optics, nanotechnology, and oil and gas,” the Chief further added.


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Alfa Chemistry has been gaining the trust of its global customers and is expanding its product range to provide more advanced solutions that cater to their diverse requirements. The addition of the crystals and precision optical materials to their existing product range, which includes ionic liquids, chemical reagents, insect pheromones, API, lipid compounds, vaccine excipients, and nanomaterials, is a strategic move to further diversify its offerings.