CD Genomics Redefines Genomic Research with Full-Length Transcripts Sequencing (Iso-Seq)

July 9, 2023

CD Genomics, a leading provider of genomic solutions, has announced a groundbreaking development in genomic research with the introduction of their Full-Length Transcripts Sequencing (Iso-Seq) technology. This innovative advancement promises to revolutionize the field, providing researchers in the life sciences with an unprecedented opportunity to gain comprehensive insights into the complexity of gene expression.


In the past, researchers encountered limitations when studying full-length transcripts in the genome due to the inability of traditional sequencing technologies to accurately capture transcripts longer than 300 base pairs. However, CD Genomics’ Iso-Seq technology overcomes this challenge by leveraging PacBio Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) sequencing. This cutting-edge technology offers exceptional accuracy and long-read capabilities, enabling researchers to reconstruct full-length transcripts with precision, facilitating in-depth investigations into gene function and regulatory mechanisms.


Compared to traditional sequencing approaches, Iso-Seq technology offers significant advantages. By sequencing full-length transcripts, researchers can uncover and study lowly expressed or rare transcripts, providing a more comprehensive understanding of the diversity of gene expression. Additionally, Iso-Seq technology aids in the identification of novel exons, introns, and splicing variants, shedding light on gene structure and functionality. The applications of Iso-Seq technology extend to whole-genome annotation, cell-type-specific transcript studies, and transcript heterogeneity analysis, among others.


CD Genomics prides itself on delivering high-quality, high-throughput full-length transcript sequencing services. With the utilization of the PacBio Sequel II system, read lengths of up to 10 kilobases can be achieved, ensuring accurate and maximal transcript reconstruction. The company’s state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, streamlined experimental workflows, rigorous quality control measures, and team of expert data analysts combine to provide researchers with reliable and high-quality full-length transcript sequencing data.


Iso-Seq technology finds diverse applications in various fields such as botany, zoology, microbiology, and human genetics. For plant scientists, Iso-Seq technology facilitates comprehensive studies of plant genome structures and functionalities, ultimately contributing to advancements in crop yield and stress resistance. Zoologists can leverage Iso-Seq technology to gain deeper insights into animal gene expression regulatory mechanisms, unveiling new perspectives on animal evolution and development. Microbiologists can explore the functional potential and adaptability of microorganisms through Iso-Seq technology, while human geneticists can investigate the complexity of the human genome, facilitating the identification of disease-associated genes and mutations.


As a global leader in genomics solutions, CD Genomics remains dedicated to providing clients with cutting-edge technologies and unparalleled services. The Iso-Seq technology represents a significant breakthrough in genomic research, driving advancements in the life sciences. The company's commitment to delivering superior full-length transcript sequencing services ensures precise and comprehensive insights into gene expression patterns.


“CD Genomics has truly pushed the boundaries of genomic research with the Iso-Seq technology. The ability to accurately reconstruct full-length transcripts opens up new avenues for understanding gene expression complexity and unraveling the intricate regulatory mechanisms underlying biological processes. This technology has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of the transcriptome and contribute significantly to advancements in fields such as functional genomics, precision medicine, and beyond,” stated the senior scientist at CD Genomics.


CD Genomics continues to spearhead innovation and progress, empowering scientists and researchers to achieve groundbreaking discoveries in genomics. Together, the industry can embark on an exciting new chapter in genomic research.


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