TransCure bioServices expands reach into APAC with Preclina Inc partnership

July 24, 2023

Archamps, France – July 25, 2023 – TransCure bioServices, a humanized mouse model CRO, has partnered with Preclina Inc., a South Korean preclinical CRO specializing in autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. The partnership significantly expands TransCure’s reach into the APAC region, while also bolstering its service offerings to further enhance the quality of its research results. Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in the region will now have better access to a selection of the most advanced mouse models, as well as the full suite of services required for optimized preclinical development — capabilities that have been challenging to access in the region until now.

Drug developers in APAC have typically faced many challenges when it comes to preclinical development, from limited access to animal model providers and poor service offering breadth and capacity, to a scarcity of comprehensive, one-stop-shop preclinical partners. What’s more, mouse model providers in the region may not have the standardized, well-recognized model sets used in international research, making results comparison difficult.

The partnership between TransCure bioServices and Preclina directly addresses these challenges, providing APAC customers with the full suite of advanced preclinical services under one umbrella, as well as the most advanced, internationally recognized mouse models and cell lines to help optimize and streamline their preclinical programs.

"TransCure’s one-stop-shop offering spans three platforms, more than 50 proven animal models, and a vast selection of technical services," said Kiave Ho Wang Yin, PhD, Chief Business Officer at TransCure bioServices. "By joining forces with Preclina, we further bolster those offerings with extensive autoimmune and inflammatory disease expertise, unlocking new insights for APAC-based developers, while bringing our renowned partnership-rather-than-supplier approach to the region. With this foothold, we’re uniquely positioned to grow our capacity in the region and further innovate for the benefit of our sponsors."

Preclina is renowned for its highly specialized services in autoimmune and inflammatory disorders, such as NASH, fibrosis, arthritis, and scleroderma. It boasts extensive knowledge in immunology, with expertise in patient-derived cells and animal models that faithfully recapitulate these disorders. Their fully integrated drug discovery platform has made them an indispensable partner for APAC clients developing novel drugs and diagnostic and treatment technologies.

"Combining our know-how and services with TransCure’s offers a unique opportunity to better address the preclinical needs of APAC customers," said Young Mo Kang, PhD, CEO at Preclina. "We’re delighted that this partnership will further augment the high-quality, comprehensive services we’re well known for. We look forward to delivering the fruits of this collaboration to our customers, helping them carve a smoother route to better preclinical research for transformative therapeutics and diagnostics."

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About TransCure bioServices
TransCure bioServices is a unique fee-for-service Contract Research Organization (CRO) with expertise in conducting research using humanized mouse models, supported by cutting edge technologies. The company offers qualified services across a range of disease models, from preliminary discussion through tailor-made protocols, experiments, and reporting. TransCure bioServices adheres to rigorous standards including AALAC accreditation and the three R’s: Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement of responsible animal use.

About Preclina
Preclina is a preclinical CRO, specialized in Autoimmune and Inflammatory disorders, providing the utmost quality efficacy evaluation services for cutting-edge drug development at the highest speed and cost efficiency. With over 20 years of expertise in this field, scientists in Preclina provide global standard service repertoire primarily centered on therapeutic efficacy evaluation.
From experimental design consulting to the packaging of results for submission to regulatory agencies, Preclina is committed to client satisfaction by offering an innovative and seamlessly integrated modular platform that enables successful drug development with robust reliability.