Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Liquid Chromatography Detector

July 26, 2023

Product Brief: 


GERMERING, Germany – July 27, 2023 


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Liquid Chromatography Detector 


Thermo Scientific Vanquish Refractive Index Detector completes broad portfolio of reliable LC instruments for routine analytical work  




















Thermo Fisher Scientific is providing pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical research organizations and QC laboratories in the industrial and food and beverage sectors with a new liquid chromatography (LC) detector for simple routine isocratic analysis. The Thermo Scientific Vanquish Refractive Index Detector enables detection of substances that lack UV chromophores and is powered by proven technology. The Vanquish Refractive Index Detector offers customers a highly integrated solution for a range of routine analytical applications when stacked in a Thermo Scientific Vanquish LC system. 




Completing Thermo Fisher Scientific’s portfolio of dependable, easy-to-operate LC instruments, the new Thermo Scientific Vanquish Refractive Index Detector enables researchers to detect and analyze compounds across many applications, including drug manufacturing, purity analysis of fine chemicals in industry and quality control in food production.  

The Vanquish Refractive Index Detector extends the Thermo Scientific Vanquish LC detection options for those analytes that lack a chromophore such as carbohydrates, lipids or polymers, allowing users to consistently detect the compounds they need to. The new detector also saves bench space, offers safe leakage control, and enables laboratories to upgrade to modern instrumentation without impacting established methods.  

Key Applications: 

Biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical research, QC for industrial raw material, food and beverage  








  • Extends the range of detection capabilities of the Vanquish LC platform for isocratic separations enabling users to reliably and cost effectively analyze compounds that lack UV chromophores  

  • Easy set-up and worry-free operation with a whole system solution that delivers optimized fluidic connections and single-point intelligent controls  

  • Seamless method transfer of legacy methods to Vanquish LC systems 




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