Lactabico graduates from German Accelerator to bring novel peptide-based drugs to the global market

September 6, 2023

Lactabico, an innovative biotech startup, has announced its graduation from the prestigious German Accelerator, a leading institution dedicated to propelling the growth of startups in the biotechnology sector.

Lactabico is a part of the US-based Lactocore Group – a family of startups united by the same founding team, each focused on its own direction of drug development. Startup is pioneering groundbreaking research in the application of milk peptides for the treatment of anxiety, stress, obesity, and diabetes, with potential transformative impacts in both human and veterinary medicine. This comes at a time when there is a tremendous unmet need for novel, superior therapies for mental and metabolic diseases. Current treatments often lack in efficacy and safety, and there is a demand for innovative approaches in the sector.

Revenue in the Mental Health market is projected to reach US$20.09 bn in 2023. The current experimental pipelines, however, lack innovation. In this context, Lactabico’s research has the potential to make a significant contribution to these sizable markets.

It has been a pleasure working with the Lactabico team to hone their strategy, streamline their development plans and envision how their technologies can one day improve the lives of millions of patients worldwide. I look forward to seeing their progress, said Will Adams, a mentor with the German Accelerator program. 

During their residency at German Accelerator, Lactabico has been able to utilize the accelerator's resources, mentorship, and collaborative opportunities to accelerate their research. The startup recently received the BioVaria Startup Pitch & Partner Award in the "Rising" category.

We are excited to share our gratitude for our transformative experience in the German Accelerator Life Sciences Program, said co-founder Anton Malyshev. This program has been an essential catalyst, offering us invaluable guidance, mentorship, and access to a diverse network of experts in all areas of drug development. The unwavering support from our mentors and the entire program team has played a pivotal role in helping us add significant value to our project. We are genuinely grateful for the incredible opportunities and growth that this program has provided us.

The Lactocore Group has successfully raised a seed round of investments worth $3.5 million, crucial for completing the preclinical development of their two leading compounds. Currently, the Lactocore Group is set to enter the next phase of growth and is in the process of raising Series A funding. This investment will bolster the startup's R&D scaling, expand its team, and create new jobs with the aim to revolutionize the treatment landscape for several common and debilitating health conditions.

About Lactabico

Lactabico is a biotech startup focused on pioneering research with milk peptides. The team believes that a new generation of safer and more effective treatments for depression, anxiety, and diabetes will be derived from milk – a rich natural source of soothing and balancing bioactive components that have shown potential therapeutic properties. Utilizing proprietary computational tools, Lactabico has discovered a range of promising milk-derived peptides, two of which have already demonstrated proof-of-concept in late-stage preclinical studies. Lactabico is a part of the international Lactocore Group, which is headquartered in the US. As of today, the Lactocore Group has filed three patent applications related to peptide therapeutic agents, with the most recent one submitted in 2022. 

Lactabico has recently become a member of the prestigious Biolabs Heidelberg, the German hub of an international network of shared lab and office facilities for life science start-ups. Biolabs Heidelberg collaborates with major players in the pharmaceutical industry. This partnership paves the way for cutting-edge research in the field of peptide-based therapies. 

About German Accelerator

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