CD Formulation Introduces Powder Flowability Testing to Maximize Tablet Performance

November 15, 2023

In the pursuit of optimizing tablet performance, CD Formulation, a leading provider of pharmaceutical analysis services, has unveiled a groundbreaking powder flowability testing method. This cutting-edge technology promises to revolutionize tablet manufacturing by ensuring high-quality and consistent tablet production for pharmaceutical companies worldwide.


Powder flowability plays a crucial role in the tablet manufacturing process, particularly in the analysis of prescription screening processes. Uneven powder flow during compression can result in issues such as poor tablet weight control, content uniformity problems, and compromised release profiles, all of which can significantly impact the efficacy and safety of pharmaceutical products. Thus, accurately measuring and assessing powder flowability is of utmost importance to enhance tablet quality control.


CD Formulation's new powder flowability testing approach incorporates advanced machinery and techniques, enabling pharmaceutical manufacturers to evaluate powder flow behavior with precision and efficiency. This method uses state-of-the-art instruments that precisely measure key flow properties, including the angle of repose, bulk density, and flow rate. By obtaining accurate data on these parameters, CD Formulation aims to empower pharmaceutical companies to optimize their formulation processes.


The angle of repose is an essential parameter indicating how easily a powder can flow. CD Formulation's testing method precisely determines this angle, allowing manufacturers to identify and address flowability issues early on. This data can then be used to adjust the formulation, particle size, lubrication, or other parameters, ultimately enhancing powder flowability and ensuring consistent tablet production.


Moreover, bulk density measurement provides information on the physical characteristics and behavior of the powder. CD Formulation's advanced testing equipment delivers reliable results, enabling manufacturers to adjust the formulation or assess the need for additional processing steps. By optimizing bulk density, pharmaceutical companies can enhance tablet weight control and reduce variations, leading to improved product quality.


CD Formulation's innovative powder flowability testing method is set to revolutionize tablet manufacturing by providing pharmaceutical companies with a comprehensive understanding of powder behavior. By accurately measuring key flow properties, manufacturers can optimize formulations and processes, leading to improved tablet quality control and product performance.


The Chief Scientist at CD Formulation highlighted the significance of this innovative testing method, stating, "Our new powder flowability testing technology equips pharmaceutical companies with the tools they need to ensure consistent tablet performance. By understanding the flow behavior of powders, manufacturers can address and rectify formulation issues early on, ultimately improving the quality and efficacy of the final product."


Pharmaceutical companies can now partner with CD Formulation to leverage this groundbreaking powder flowability testing method. By incorporating this innovative technology into their tablet manufacturing processes, these companies can enhance quality control and ensure the delivery of safe and effective medications to patients worldwide. For more information, please visit


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