First Health Advisory announces partnership with Intrusion to combat cyber threats in healthcare

November 15, 2023

First Health Advisory Joins Forces with Intrusion to Strengthen Healthcare Defenses 


The newly announced collaboration will support effective network threat, vulnerability, and risk assessments, as well as ransomware and data exfiltration protection for healthcare entities. 


WASHINGTON, DC AND PLANO, TX – November 15, 2023– First Health Advisory, a preeminent digital health risk assurance firm, and Intrusion, a leading cyber threat intelligence and security software solutions provider, today announced a partnership designed to deliver effective device security and cyber threat intelligence to the healthcare sector. Their collaboration will enhance First Health’s existing healthcare expertise and strategic risk management advisory with the powerful visibility provided by the Intrusion threat intelligence database, network monitoring, and cloud security defenses. 


  • According to Tony Scott, CEO of Intrusion "This partnership is a game-changer. By working together, we can address some of the unique challenges that healthcare organizations face like protecting sensitive patient data as well as ensuring the security of their business and operating networks." 


    Under this alliance, First Health Advisory will leverage Intrusion Shield, an advanced threat detection and prevention solution, within the network infrastructure of hospital and healthcare delivery organizations. This deployment will provide real-time assessments of existing cyber controls, offering invaluable insights into potential vulnerabilities and areas for cybersecurity enhancement. 


    The data and analysis derived from the Intrusion Shield deployment will be utilized by First Health to customize recommendations addressing the unique cyber risks and challenges encountered by healthcare clients. 


    This partnership will yield notable advancements in security bolstering the protection of legacy and outdated devices, enhancing data flow monitoring for early detection of infiltration, and reducing the risk of successful ransomware attacks. Here's how: 


    Shield offers visibility into all network-connected devices, monitoring their communications without necessitating additional installations on the devices themselves. 

    Shield addresses the communication risks associated with legacy or outdated devices, incapable of supporting upgrades or patching, thereby reducing the likelihood of these endpoints serving as potential entry points for threats onto the network. 

    Shield reports on traffic flow and volume that will be used to detect early indicators of potential data infiltration. 


    Carter Groome, First Health Advisory CEO, adds, "Intrusion’s reputation and behavior-based threat model is exactly what health sector entities need to quickly assess risk and material impacts. Our partnership with Intrusion streamlines our clients’ ability to mitigate those threats with impetus.” 


    About First Health Advisory 

    First Health Advisory is the preeminent security, privacy, and compliance consultancy in the healthcare sector. As digital health risk assurance experts, First Health partners exclusively with health entities to transform the enterprise securely and efficiently, allowing our clients to focus on their core mission of providing care. Our leaders collaborate with clients to safeguard assets, preserve reputations, and protect patient safety.  


    About Intrusion 

    Intrusion is a cyber threat intelligence company that exposes previously undetected network communications and provides reputation insights learned from decades of internet history and network flow analysis, reducing the likelihood of a successful zero day or ransomware attack. Exposing this untrusted network traffic helps organizations decide where to prioritize their security efforts. 


    Media Contact 
    Haley Collins 
    Account Executive, Aria Marketing for First Health Advisory