2023 European Best of Show Finalists Named

November 20, 2023

By Bio-IT World Staff

November 20, 2023 | Bio-IT World has named the Best of Show Awards finalists for competition at the 2023 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo Europe next week in London. New products from ACD/Labs, CCC, Medidata, ONTOFORCE, Sapio Sciences, and TetraScience will be on display at the event and the Bio-IT World community will vote to honor their favorite solutions.  

The 2023 Best of Show Awards offers exhibitors an exclusive opportunity to distinguish and highlight their new products. With a host of innovative applications, technologies, tools, and solutions on display at the event, the Bio-IT World community is invited to identify exceptional innovation in technologies used by life science professionals, voting on most impactful new products of the year. (Please note, selection is not based upon level of sponsorship or exhibit participation.) 

Voting for the 2023 Best of Show Awards will be open in London on the morning of Wednesday, 29 November. The winner of the 2023 Best of Show Awards will be named at the event on Thursday, 30 November. For onsite access to the awards program, visit Bio-ITWorldEurope.com and choose a full conference registration or take advantage of a limited number of complimentary Exhibit Hall & Keynote passes. 

The finalists in the Best of Show Awards for 2023 Bio-IT World Europe are:  


Spectrus Conduit is a new out-of-the-box low-code/no-code application that helps users connect, design, and manage automated dataflows from analytical instruments and other data sources. It creates standardized, harmonized digital twins of the R&D laboratory, improves collaboration, and supports data preparation for downstream AI/ML applications. Spectrus Conduit natively supports >150 analytical instrument vendor formats and all the major techniques used for sample and process characterization in life sciences R&D. Spectrus Conduit streamlines the process of data marshalling, normalization, processing, assembly, and contextualization without specialized applications for each data format or technique. Its no/low code approach democratizes the creation and management of workflows. Intuitive drag-and-drop operations, enable users without deep programming skills to visually construct and customize data pathways, streamlining the integration of new data.  

Conduit also offers a more comprehensive development environment so that users with advanced coding capabilities can design complex dataflow connections. Conduit caters to a wide range of organizational needs: from simple automated tasks to complex data integrations; providing a scalable solution that can evolve with advancements in instrument innovations and scientific data management needs. Native JSON export means data is never locked into a vendor platform, and a well-developed API ensures you can incorporate Conduit into your IT ecosystems, with ease.  

Technical Requirements: Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard, 2019, or 2022 Microsoft Windows compatible PC (minimum 4-core CPU) 16 GB RAM or more (4 GB RAM minimum for some programs) Hard disk minimum 500 GB (Can scale depending on requirements.)  


CCC (Copyright Clearance Center) 

RightFind XML takes the complexity out of using scientific articles for AI/ML by providing a consistent set of text and data mining rights and associated full-text XML content. With built-in rights and normalized files from a wide variety of publishers, CCC simplifies compliance and content management so leading companies can drive science forward. RightFind XML includes:  

  • Access to 50+ publishers’ content 

  • 8,000+ journal titles 

  • 13 million+ full-text articles in normalized XML format 

  • 20 million+ MEDLINE citations and abstracts  

All content within the RightFind XML corpus comes with pre-agreed terms from participating publishers that allow organizations to access, store, and mine that content for internal business use. This saves time, energy, and money, which can be better spent analyzing the insights projects generate. Companies can choose between access options, including:  

  • Access to entire-full text corpus via a search interface which includes multiple options for creating corpora of content for download, ideally suited to time-bound focused research projects. 

  • Bulk data in XML based on defined periods reaching back years with ongoing updates as new content is released to our feeds, which supports larger enterprise scale projects that scale over time. This option is new this year. 

  • Access to a curated Open Access (CC-BY) collection via API (including 350K articles NOT in PMC) – which can support the training of machine-learning models at lower cost. This option is new this year.  

Medidata, a Dassault Systèmes Company 

The Medidata Diversity Program comprises a suite of innovative and industry-leading solutions. These include Medidata AI Intelligent Trials, myMedidata Registries, the Medidata Patient Insights Program, and Medidata’s partnership with Circuit Clinical, a national network of sites focused on diverse patient populations with localized investigators, trained on Medidata decentralized clinical trial technology. Each of these solutions has been thoughtfully selected and bundled together to empower sponsors and CROs to weave diversity into every aspect of their trial strategy.  

Through the patient insights program, sponsors and CROs can co-create the most patient-friendly and inclusive protocol with insights from diverse patient advocates. Leveraging the vast repository of industry-wide, site-level data, Medidata Intelligent Trials enables sponsors and CROs to identify sites that perform well operationally and have historically been successful in enrolling diverse patients. Meanwhile, Circuit Clinical’s site network opens doors for sponsors and CROs to tap into a comprehensive site network, making it easier for underrepresented groups to participate in clinical trials. Lastly, myMedidata Registries foster continuous patient engagement pre-trial and post-trial to address the disparity in clinical trial access and awareness. From the inception of trial design, through site selection, decentralization, and patient engagement, the Medidata Diversity Program offers a suite of tools that aims to cultivate diversity and ensure more equitable clinical trials. 


DISQOVER is a powerful data and knowledge discovery platform for pharma and life sciences organizations. DISQOVER enables the consolidation of information across public, third party, licensed, and internal data sources. It solves complex use cases over a multitude of heterogeneous data sources with simple, intuitive, and customizable dashboards. DISQOVER filters results in real-time and visualizes data using responsive and interconnected charts. The data ingestion engine, with the use of the pipeline editor, efficiently merges and links structured and semi-structured data from siloed data sources. When configuring the integration of source data via the data ingestion engine, users can manage the data ingestion process by building a visual pipeline, using a wide range of powerful reusable components, making the process easy, flexible, and efficient. The consolidated knowledge is an excellent framework for reasoning for scientists and applications. DISQOVER powers up data democratization, making data exploration achievable and successful. ONTOFORCE proudly unveils the latest advancements in DISQOVER, placing a paramount focus on groundbreaking performance improvements. Highlights include our Remote Data Subscription (RDS) offering and its enhancements, ensuring users can download and integrate domain-specific datasets with unparalleled flexibility. Noteworthy is the remarkable 50x acceleration in download times, offering swift access to knowledge graphs and optimizing data exploration. Additionally, DISQOVER introduces SolrCloud capabilities, propelling query speeds to 10 times faster, elevating the platform's data processing and search capabilities. These performance-driven innovations solidify DISQOVER as an unrivaled solution for efficient, scalable, and reliable data integration, empowering users to unleash the potential of their searching experiences. 

Sapio Sciences

Sapio Jarvis is science-aware data management solution made for modern science that integrates, fuses, and harmonizes your collective scientific data. It goes beyond single systems to integrate enterprise-wide instrument and system data to unlock the full potential of your data. Streamlined data is then readily available to scientists through Sapio’s built-in analytics, third-party analysis tools, AI models, and a living knowledge graph that is highly searchable, fully contextualized, and designed for action. 


The Tetra Scientific Data Cloud is the first and only scientific data cloud built for biopharmaceutical companies. It connects life science instruments and data applications, automates data collection and storage, and engineers that scientific data so it can be used by analytics applications and AI/ML programs. With this technology, companies can eliminate manual data handling, centralize their storage in the cloud, and harmonize their data, creating generationally significant advances in data workflow efficiency, accelerating discovery, and improving scientific output.  

Connects: The Tetra Scientific Data Cloud connects instruments, informatics applications, and analytics applications using secure, validation-ready integrations. This eliminates costly and error prone manual data migrations and allows data to automatically move throughout workflows, providing scientists and data scientists near-real-time data access.  

Collect: The Tetra Scientific Data Cloud automates data collection and metadata enrichment. Companies can completely eliminate ad-hoc file sharing and replace it with centralized cloud storage that provides a searchable (SQL, API, or UI) single-source-of-truth. No more lost data, repeated experiments, or lost scientific context. Additionally, with features such as automatically generated audit trails, assured accessibility, and rigorous controls, adhering to GxP guidelines becomes considerably more straight forward.  

Engineer: The Tetra Scientific Data Cloud automatically engineers raw, disparate data formats into the harmonized, compliant, liquid, and actionable Tetra Data. Tetra Data provides companies with vendor-agnostic data that flows seamlessly between instruments, applications, and departments, and provides data analytics and AI/ML programs the clean, comparable data they require to provide insight and drive decisions.