Creative Proteomics Enhances Proteomics Research with Advanced Post-Translational Modification Analysis Services

November 20, 2023

Creative Proteomics, a leading provider of advanced proteomics services globally, has recently extended its services portfolio with protein post-translational modification (PTM) analysis. This new addition will provide valuable insights into the dynamic aspect of proteins, their regulation, and the fine-tuning of their functions.


Proteins, while being the workhorse of cellular function, undergo myriad PTMs which significantly alter their structure, localization, function, and even lifespan. This complex process forms the basis of diverse cellular processes ranging from signal transduction and gene regulation, to cell growth and apoptosis. Therefore, understanding protein PTM is essential for unraveling the mysteries of cellular biology and uncovering the pathogenesis of numerous diseases.


Creative Proteomics' protein post-translational modification analysis service is equipped to study a wide range of PTMs including phosphorylation, acetylation, methylation, ubiquitination, sumoylation and more. It is enabled by the cutting-edge high-resolution mass spectrometry, which accurately identifies and quantifies the modified proteins and the type and site of modification.


With a highly experienced team of experts, Creative Proteomics employs advanced high-throughput technology and high-resolution mass spectrometry techniques to provide precise, reliable, and comprehensive PTM analysis. The team can offer both qualitative and quantitative analysis of multiple types of PTMs, providing microbiologists, biochemists, pharmaceutical scientists, and clinical researchers with the in-depth information they need to advance their research.


"Using advanced bioinformatics tools, we can dig deeper into the complex protein networks and their dynamic modifications," says the senior researcher at Creative Proteomics.


The extended service will aid in helping researchers grasp the complexity of protein functions and their regulations in a quicker, more comprehensive manner. It might contribute to understanding the characteristics and interactions of proteins during the cellular life cycle and hence propel the understanding of diseases at the molecular level.


"Protein modifications are significant players in most biological processes and understanding them can be the key to proffer effective therapeutic strategies against several ailments. With our state-of-the-art technology and expertise, we aim to offer comprehensive protein PTM analysis assisting scientists in their quest for knowledge,” stated the spokesperson for Creative Proteomics.


Creative Proteomics is hopeful that its extended service will provide robust support in laying a solid foundation for translational research, disease understanding, and therapeutic development. With this new service addition, Creative Proteomics continues to break new ground in technological advancement and innovation in proteomics services.


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